The Art Of Writing Your Most Popular Posts

If you are not already, you should be writing your best posts, rather than cranking out yet another average post.

Your most popular posts are your blog’s most valuable asset. These posts are what attract majority of your visitors to your blog. They are the widest, most welcoming doors of your online home.

If you build upon the popularity and success of such posts to write your new posts, your traffic, subscribers, and every other counter related to your logging success will sky rocket, and your blog will become a must-subscribe for the visitors in your niche.

How to make your every post a success

Let’s consider this scenario:

  • You write yet another post for your blog, publish it, yawn, and go off to the bed.
  • You get up next morning, check your blog’s stats, and notice something different. There are a lot of new visitors coming in from various sources, and there are a lot of new comments.
  • You are pleasantly surprised. You realize that you have written your most popular post. So you proudly pat yourself.

Everything is right so far, except you jot down another post, yawn, go the bed, wake up next morning preparing yourself for more pleasant surprises, but alas – this one turned out to be an average post.

So what went wrong?

Well, you didn’t learn anything from your previous success. You took it for granted. You thought success comes from a lucky stroke of fate.

Not true. There are always certain kinds of posts that suit your style, your niche, and your audience. When you write such a post, it becomes an immediate success. But you won’t be going far on the success route if you get complacent, or simply don’t realize what makes things tick.

OK, I get it – what now?

If you have been blogging longer than two months, there must be already a bunch of popular posts on your blog. Look for following traits in every post to recognize your most popular posts.

  • It got plenty of comments.
  • Many other blogs linked to it.
  • It was received well by the social media crowd.
  • It still brings you traffic from the search engines.

And here are the next steps:

  • Write more posts to follow up the most popular posts.
  • Write similar posts.
  • Improve upon previous ideas.
  • Write more in-depth, lengthier posts.
  • Explore related topics.

If you keep on building upon, improving, and exploring the topics of your most popular posts, not only your blog will be more focussed to your niche audience, but it will also soar higher up with every new addition.

By writing posts without giving thought to how they will be received, or if they will help your blog make inroads into the territory of success, you are simply denying yourself the recognition you can easily achieve.

So here’s the deal: When you write your next post, you must write it with an aim to make it your most popular post to date. And go back to your archive of most popular posts for inspiration.


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