Who Wants Some Link Love?

Link Love

It’s time for some link love guys!

50 Tips to Unclutter Your Blog – Skellie writes an extensive post on ways to unclutter your blog. I am not a big fan of clutter myself, because it has a negative affect on user experience. For anyone who wants to say good bye to blog clutter, this is a must read.

Learning the Art of Guest Blogging – Guest blogging is a hot new trend in blogosphere. Many new bloggers are looking for opportunities to guest blog on established blogs to get some exposure. Seeing this emerging trend, Lorelle writes an article series to cover pros and cons, ifs and buts and ins and outs of guest blogging. As always, she proves she is best at what she does.

What was he thinking? – A guy steals John Chow’s content and then pays him $400 to review his blog! Don’t believe it? Check out yourself.

Buy Me a Beer is Internet Panhandling – Ben Cook is holding a ‘buy me a beer’ bashing party, and for his noble efforts he wins a link from me.

And now, an overview of my posts in the past week:

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