What Your Readers Don’t Need To Know About You

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Blogs are supposed to be personal, right? But how much personal can you get without scarifying your privacy? Should you share the nitty-gritty details of your life with total strangers? What became of remaining anonymous online?

Personally, I think it is wise to remain anonymous if your blog thrives on controversy. It wouldn’t be wise to speak in favor of software piracy and leave your address on About page to facilitate a meeting with the cops. It would be equally silly to criticize Osama and invite bearded extremists for an evening tea at your house.

Sharing your address

There is no point in revealing your house address to the whole world. The purpose of your blog is to interact with others through your blog. Your blog is your online home, and others are not interested in knowing about your real life whereabouts. And as I said, this can be dangerous if you don’t think before you speak, or if you get a kick out of creating and discussing controversies.

Sharing your phone number

Unless you sell a product through your blog and want to provide telephone support, leaving your phone number open on your blog might turn out to be your worst nightmare. I have seen people go through this, and I can assure you it’s not the brightest idea to share your phone number on your blog.

Sharing your photo

If you are a girl, I’d make sure I see your photo everytime I visit your blog! But if you are a guy, feel free to admire your photo yourself.

Whether you want to share your photo or not is a personal choice. But your photo certainly will give your blog some extra personal touch.

Sharing your email

It’s a good idea to be accessible to your readers by email. But again, if you like being controversial and hate to read the hate mail you inspire others to send to you, you might want to consider removing the contact page from your blog.

Sharing your name

It is highly recommended that you write with your own name. Your name gives your blog a personal touch, and your readers find comfort in knowing that they are interacting with a human being.

So here is the synopsis: Sharing your house address can be deadly, sharing your phone number is not advisable, sharing your photo is alright, and sharing your email and real name is recommended.

Your thoughts?

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