What Does It Take To Become An Authority Blogger?

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So, which one of you wants to become an authority blogger?

Hmm.. I see quite a few hands raised in the air, but are you up for the challenge?

What is an authority blogger?

Before we talk about the ways to become an authority blogger, let’s first put down a quick and dirty definition of authority blogger. Quite simply, an authority blogger is someone who is sitting at the very top in his niche. Authority bloggers are an inspiration for newbies, they are considered an authority on their subject, they get a whole lot of attention, and they make very many of us jealous.

What is important to note is that it takes real expertise to become an authority blogger. People are all not fools, they know who to trust and whom not to.

Popular authority bloggers

Some of the popular authority bloggers in different offshoots of my niche are: Darren at Problogger in blogging, Bryan at Copyblogger in copywriting, and John Chow at johnchow.com in making money online, by hook or by crook. People trust them and heed their advice. And they have my respect too.

How does one become an authority blogger?

There is a very simple formula for becoming an authority in any field. It takes time and full dedication. If you are into blogging just for fun, or if you are simply forced to blog with no interest of your own, you may as well not read this post.

  • Expand your knowledge – To establish authority in bogging, you have to take blogging seriously. And I mean really seriously. You need to learn as much about your niche as possible. Don’t just stick to reading blogs, expand your knowledge by reading books, talking to experts, and keeping up with the latest trends in your niche.
  • Cover the nitty-gritty – Don’t hesitate to expand on even the most obvious points. Your readers are on different levels of knowledge – some of them complete newbies – and the amount of importance they give to the obvious and the obscure also varies. Think like an authority blogger, your audience is vast and people rely on you to come up with solutions to their problems. Don’t disappoint them with your highly precise talk.
  • Host your own blog – Hosting your blog on your own domain is a prerequisite for building trust among your readers (There are exceptions to this rule, but let’s not take any risks!) Would you trust the authority of a doctor who sees patients in a his garage? ‘Nuff said.
  • Be approachable – You think you have grown too big and now you don’t care about your readers? You see them as a herd of the needy that comes to you to find purpose in life? Oh come on, if you keep up this attitude, the herds of people will soon start disappearing. And what are you without your readers? Who will consider you an authority if there is nobody to listen to you? Always give your readers the first preference, care for their problems, answer their questions, and link to your loyal readers often if they also have an online presence.
  • Don’t emulate others – It’s all good and well to see how other authority bloggers go about blogging, but don’t try to emulate them. See, it just proves that you are not yet ready to become an authority, you are merely aspiring to be like another authority. Learn the tricks of the trade from others and benefit from their knowledge, but always come back to yourself with a refreshed view, not borrowed ideas.

No one comes into this world with finely honed skills. Those who succeed are committed to achieve their goals, and they keep moving forward no matter what. So, commitment is the first item on my list of the top qualities of an authority blogger.

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an authority blogger? Or you are into blogging just for the heck of it!

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