Top 10 Blogs For Bloggers in 2007

Perhaps what the world does not need more of in 2008 are the blogs about blogging.

Despite the ever increasing number of meta-blogs in 2007, there are a bunch of them that visibly stood out. Below are my favorite blogs about blogging that rose, or continued to rise, higher than the competition in 2007 (other than Blogging Bits, of course!).

1. Copyblogger – Brian and his guest bloggers continued to provide valuable insights into the world of blogging, copywriting, and internet marketing. If you are a blogger and do not read Copyblogger, you are missing out on the best resource about blogging.

2. Dosh Dosh – Although Maki brands his blog as a ‘make money online’ blog, you’ll be surprised to see how different his blog is from other money making blogs. Instead of referring you to pyramid schemes like ALGOCO in ever other post, he takes an entirely different approach and covers serious topics such as internet marketing, social media, the art of persuasion, and a whole bunch of other topics related to small online businesses and blogging in general.

3. Skelliewag – If you want to understand the psychology of your visitors and want to write value-packed content, Skelliewag is a must read. If you are a casual blogger, Skellie will transform you into a pro blogger.

4. Problogger – Despite some tough competition in the form of above blogs, the good ol’ Problogger continues to be an inspiration for new bloggers.

5. Lorelle on WordPress – Lorelle is one of the very few old time bloggers who keeps producing huge amounts of value-packed content. Lorelle on WordPress is Lorelle’s blog about WordPress and blogging that contains a post on every topic about blogging and WordPress that you can imagine.

6. Chris Garrett on new media – Chris Garrett has one of the nicest blogs about the new media (which of course includes blogging). Although Chris writes on many blogs other than, he never compromises the quality he is known for. His blog is a must read for bloggers who want to tap into the power of new media.

7. Blogging Pro – Looking to keep up with all the latest blogging and WordPress news, themes, and add-ons? Look no further. Blogging Pro covers all of this and much more to keep you focused on your pro blogging.

8. The Blog Herald – The Blog Herald is a collaborative blog where many of the gurus such as Chris Garret, Lorelle VanFossen, and David Peralty write. The Blog Herald writers cover everything from general blogging news to blogging tips. A great resource.

9. Performancing – The writing team at Performancing is just awesome. At Performancing, you get to read some real-world blogging tips and gain insight from success stories of real bloggers. If you ever run out of inspiration for your next post, go to Performancing and your problem will be solved.

10. Daily Blog Tips – Here’s another blog that has seen tremendous success in the year 2007. Other than Daniel, the DBT owner, many well-known bloggers contribute to Daily Blog Tips. A simple layout, small well-written articles, and a great community all will make you want to subscribe to DBT.

So there you have them. I’ve pretty much covered them all, haven’t I? Or have I missed someone?

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