Top 11 Digg-like Sites For Bloggers, Designers, And Web Developers

Digg Clones

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Anyone who has tried to get to the Digg front page knows how hard it is to do that. You need a lot of friends, influence, and need to be a top member apart from writing quality content before you can dream of meeting success on Digg.

On Digg-clones, on the other hand, it’s relatively easy to get the attention you deserve. Many niche specific Digg-style sites have emerged over the past few months where you can submit stories to be reviewed and voted by those who are interested in your content. Though, you may not get as much traffic from niche social media sites as you would from Digg, it’s worth having your content read by the like-minded people who are more likely to become your regular readers.

Below is a list of 11 most popular Digg-like sites where bloggers, designers, and web developers can submit stories (their bog posts or whatever) to promote their content.


Sphinn Niche Social Media Site

Sphinn is a social site for search and interactive marketers. It’s designed to allow you to share and discover news stories, read and take part in discussions, discover events of interest and network with others.


PlugIM Niche Social Media Site

PlugIM is a user driven internet marketing community. Submit content, share articles, comment on projects and promote your favorites to the front page.


Blogg-Buzz Niche Social Media Site

Blogg-Buzz is a blogger driven site, exclusively for bloggers like you, to share, discover and promote blog posts that you find interesting!

Design Float

Design Float Niche Social Media Site

Design Float is a Digg style, community driven news aggregator dedicated to the design industry. Design Float aims to collect and organize design-related content from across the web while letting the community float the best articles to the top pages of their categories and sink the most irrelevant one’s to the bottom. The ultimate goal of Design Float is to, hopefully, categorize the huge amount of design-related content available on the web into neat and easy to navigate pages of articles in order of importance/relevance as decided by the community. Basically, it’s just a niche version of the highly popular

Pixel Groovy

Pixel Groovy Niche Social Media Site

Pixel Groovy is a user controlled tutorial directory. We provide the members with the control, not editors, to decide which tutorials are worthy of being published and which tutorials aren’t. This helps filter out and set a level of quality in the tutorials seen on the frontpage.

CSS Globe

CSS Globe Niche Social Media Site

CSSG is a web standards oriented site where, basically, anyone with the right will can post updates.


DZone Niche Social Media Site

  • DZone is a free link-sharing community for developers
  • anyone can submit new links to the incoming queue
  • members vote on upcoming links to determine what gets promoted
  • everyone can browse, search and comment on links Niche Social Media Site, is a web 2.0 application that allows you to submit an article that will be reviewed by all and will be promoted, based on popularity, to the home page. When a user submits a news article it will be placed in the “upcoming” area until it gains sufficient votes to be promoted to the home page. The original source for was authored by Ricardo Galli. He was influenced by the extremely popular English technology site

Dig a List

Dig a List Niche Social Media Site

DigaList is a global personal lists website. We all love lists, we all have kinds of lists, about life, work, dreams etc. Have you ever wished to dig out all these treasure and share them with others? In DigaList, you can create your lists, co-create a list with others, or dig out a list you like. Niche Social Media Site is a news site for the Search Engine Optimization community. allows users to submit stories that affect the SEO world and then vote on those stories to decide which submissions get the most exposure. The SEO industry has come to appreciate the power of social media recently, and provides a great opportunity to get SEO news heard.


Qoolsqool Niche Social Media Site

Qoolsqool is a free and open educational resource for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.

Qoolsqool’s mission is to take advantage of 21st century technologies to advance knowledge and education around the world and reach to people with a need or a desire to learn or teach.

I am sure there are more, and if I have missed any, please list them in the comments.

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