Top 10 Things To Do To Put Off Your Readers


Every blog has good and bad, pretty and ugly, and noble and ignoble features. If a blog provides quality content, I’ll probably ignore its less wonderful aspects, but things get worse when a blogger almost completely forgets the usability of his blog and does whatever random things come to his mind.

Though, what may seem annoying to me, may leave a pleasant impression on you, I believe most of you will agree with me on the following top 10 annoying mistakes some blogs make.

In the spirit of brevity, I’ll not rant on about little details, and provide only succinct description for each of my gripe. Let’s see how it goes.

My top 10 gripes against many blogs

  1. Gigantic headers – There is no need for a huge header image where a small one will do just fine.
  2. Too many widgets – I don’t want to play with the pretty widgets, I came here for content, give me the content.
  3. Frames – Frames are sooo outdated, if you will. They are bad for you (bad SEO practice) as well as annoying for me (they add an extra level of complexity). Don’t make me handle two pages at once.
  4. Ugly colors – Even though you may like bright purple color as your text background, the rest of us don’t. The same goes for dark backgrounds.
  5. Bad typography – Typography should be pretty as well as readable. A square typeface may look pretty as a complex pattern, it is disastrous for readability.
  6. 3 column layout crammed within 600 pixels – Everything looks squashed and crowded. I’ll leave before I suffocate.
  7. Youtube videos – Unless you run a video blog, or the video is produced by yourself, you’d better link to the original video page. Videos in a blog increase page load time, and sometimes freeze my browser.
  8. Tons and tons of images – Have I by any chance landed on flickr? Web usability gurus say that images, if used wisely, can improve the readability of web content. Please note the words in bold.
  9. No clue what the blog is about – Some pages have no ‘About’ message or an ‘About’ page, and poorly-written blog and page titles. All this gives me the message that I am not supposed to know the purpose of the blog. Therefore, I press ‘x’.
  10. Personal rants – There is nothing worse than a blogger ranting on about his personal affairs on his professional blog.

If you want to add to this list of gripes, please do so in the comments.

Also, please let me know if the post was brief yet effective? I am really starting to like brevity.

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