The Virtues Of Posting Less Often

When I was new to blogging, I kept hearing this advice from the oldies that you must blog on a daily basis no matter what, and that if you didn’t post on a certain day, your angry, shovel-wielding readers will chase you around the blogosphere. However, now that I have some first-hand blogging experience under my belt, my conclusions differ greatly from those respected bloggers. I have also learned that all advice is not necessarily good advice, even if it comes from a reliable source. You should experiment and find out out for yourself what works for you.

Although posting daily is essential for news related blogs (such as Tech Crunch) to feed their readers with the news and reviews about the latest happenings in their niche, it is a big no-no for the blogs that consist mostly of advice, opinions, and researched articles.

By fighting the urge to post daily, you can:

Improve the quality of your articles – The more often you post, the more your post quality will deteriorate. One (or two or three) good article every week is better than seven or more mediocre articles per week.

Gain more comments and links for every post – Posting a lot of articles over a short time span also isn’t good for building links and comments. If you don’t have a very large readership and you post too many articles, it means your readers will have to choose one or two articles to comment on and link to and ignore the others. Twenty comments spread across 4 articles mean only 5 comments per article. Whereas the same number of comments for two articles mean twice as many comments for each one of them.

A post that stays on the home page for a whole week will garner much more attention than a post that is replaced with a new one every day.

Plan and research to your heart’s content – With a less tight posting schedule, you can plan, research, and write your articles in separate sessions, as opposed to doing it all in one sitting. For instance, you can find the idea for your post, research it, and outline it today; draft, write, and save it tomorrow morning; proofread, revise, and improve it in the evening. It’ always best to break down a formidable looking task into several small tasks to get it done with elegance.

Keep blogging fun – Blogging should be fun, not a chore. When you force yourself to make a post everyday, or worse, make more than one post everyday, you’ll eventually suffer from burnout. On the other hand, posting only a few articles over a week would be a lot more fun because you would not feel rushed and stressed.

Not to mention, posting less often will allow you to spend more time with family, go outside, play games, and watch your favorite TV shows without feeling guilty.

I’ve been posting almost daily on Blogging Bits, and I can assure you it takes up a lot of my time, yet I don’t feel satisfied about the quality of my posts. I always think I could have done better if I had spent more time researching and reviewing the posts. So I am going to put my money where my mouth is and cut down my posting frequency to something like 4 posts a week, shifting the focus to providing more quality content and leaving myself plenty of time to spend on extra-blogular activities.

How often do you post on your blog, and do you find it stressful to keep up with your posting schedule?

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