The Power Of a Simple Blog

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci

The simple always leaves the strongest impression. A simple design is beautiful, simple writing is clear, and simple expressions are pure.

When I write a blog post, I tend to wander into small details and make it so complex that it becomes difficult to sum it up. I have to revise and unstuff the whole thing many times to reduce it to a simple piece that conveys the same meaning more efficiently than a long-winded complex one.

Simple writing is clear

Occam’s razor states that all things being equal, the simplest theory is the best theory.

When you apply Occam’s razor to your writing, most of the detail and ramble you allow yourself to indulge into becomes useless. If a concise two lines summary can convey your message more effectively, why bother with a dozen lines? Your readers are not going to like to spend five minutes to get the same message they could have gotten in one minute.

A simple design is beautiful

Same goes for your blog design. Are those countless widgets in your sidebar serving any purpose? Are they useful to your readers? Is that pile of bookmark badges ever put to any good use? The answer is NO. They make your blog unreasonably complex. If you remove all those badges and widgets, you can rest assured that no one is going to miss them. In fact you are likely to get thank you emails from some of your readers.

Google is the champ of simplistic and usable designs. No wonder they have seen unprecedented success in whatever they have done.

A simple YOU is adorable

“Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought.” — William Hazlitt

Don’t clog your mind with vague ideas. The process of making connections is a simple one. Reasoning and logic are simple systems. It’s only unguided thoughts that don’t follow any pattern, that become complex, and you never reach a conclusion.

If you are logical in your problem solving and brainstorming approach, you’ll always get to the bottom of the matter. And you’ll be better able to give your knowledge to your readers.

Simplify your character and your expressions. Everyone knows you are an expert, and they expect you to explain to them the things they don’t understand.

A blogger is supposed to be simple in everything he does and says. People come to bloggers because bloggers can simplify the complicated and make their lives better. As a blogger, you have to maintain a minimalistic and simple blog, avoid clutter, be concise, and open yourself up to your readers.

Is your blog a simple blog?

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