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A No-nonsense Guide To Clearer, Sharper, And Better Writing

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A great idea wrapped in flimsy writing is a waste of words.

On the other hand, an average but clearly expressed thought enjoys more attention.

Why bother about good writing practices, you ask? You are a blogger, not a would-be author of the next best-seller.

Don’t fool yourself. You are first a writer, then a blogger. And yes, you are a published author. Your blog is the publication of your ideas.

Even though you are doing good with your current writing style, you will do even better with more refined writing habits. Just like a bad design prevents users from getting to the content, a messy writing style limits the potential effectiveness of your ideas.

To utilize the full potential of your ideas, you have to grow a habit of passing your writing through strict quality filters.

I have always been an advocate of good writing practices. Though, my writing is by no means the best example of effective and clear writing, trying to overcome an old habit is no joke.

Here are the top 5 writing practices that I’ve been trying hard to incorporate into my writing, and that you should also learn.

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Three Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Writing Every Post

Question mark

If I could describe the whole post in one word, what would be it?

Why would anyone want to read this post?

What would anyone do after reading this post?

It’s every writers’ wish to write in a plain and clear language. After all, writers write so they can communicate with their audience, and they naturally want to be understood.

It’s easy to lose grip of the original subject once you dive headfirst into writing. Ideas that were lurking in the back of your mind jump right in the middle of the action to push you off topic.

To deal with this situation, I’ve come up with three questions to help me stay on track as well as write more engaging posts.

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15+ Alternatives to Your Boring Blog Editor

Are you tired of your blog’s default post editor? So am I, and being the kind person that I am, I have put together a list of 15+ blog editor alternatives so you don’t have to put up with that jerk of a editor (excuse the pun). I especially love desktop-based blog editors because they let me write and edit posts offline and off-browser, which minimizes distractions and maximizes productivity. Online editors are also more feature-rich than boring ol’ default post editor in WordPress.

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The Virtues Of Posting Less Often

When I was new to blogging, I kept hearing this advice from the oldies that you must blog on a daily basis no matter what, and that if you didn’t post on a certain day, your angry, shovel-wielding readers will chase you around the blogosphere. However, now that I have some first-hand blogging experience under my belt, my conclusions differ greatly from those respected bloggers. I have also learned that all advice is not necessarily good advice, even if it comes from a reliable source. You should experiment and find out out for yourself what works for you.

Although posting daily is essential for news related blogs (such as Tech Crunch) to feed their readers with the news and reviews about the latest happenings in their niche, it is a big no-no for the blogs that consist mostly of advice, opinions, and researched articles.

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Are You Improving In These Areas Or Have You Stalled?

Chasing The Sun

We all strive to improve and get better at what we do. In blogosphere, the success of your blog is a measure to gauge the strength of your efforts.

But how do you measure the success of a blog? Simple, by your subscription stats, the number of comments others leave on your blog, and the amount of buzz you create in the blogosphere.

A methodical approach towards making all these factors count in your favor often pays off.

Below is a rundown of areas you need to improve to become a successful blogger (and so do I).

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A Crash Course On Writing Search Engine Optimized Posts

Search Engine Logos

Do you write Search Engine optimized posts? Can your posts be found by the Search Engine users searching for something you write about? You may not know the answer, and if so, you are probably not aware of the impact a good SEO strategy can have on your blog.

You probably despise the idea of writing content for the Search Engines, it may seem dishonest to you because you may think of it as disloyalty to your readers, but do you know that good SEO practices have nothing to do with the search engines? Yes, you heard me right, good SEO practices to promote your blog are aimed at search engine users not the search engines themselves.

Countless number of searches are made everyday, and while searches in a particular niche may follow the same pattern, they still come in wide varieties and different combinations of keywords. Unless you know what most of the searchers are searching for, and which keywords they are using to find the relevant content, you’ll probably never rank high in SERPs, and lose a lot of potential readers.

In this post, I am going to briefly highlight how to write a post for your readers but still make it rank top in Search Engine results for your targeted keywords.

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How To Write Web Content That Does Not Suck

How To Write Web Content That Does Not Suck

There is a difference between writing great content and writing content that does not suck. Admittedly, not everyone can write exceptional content, but almost anyone can learn how to write the content that, at least, does not suck.

If you have been creating web content for many years, you must know the tricks of the trade, and must be able to craft extraordinary content with just a little effort. But, if you have just started and you are relatively new in the world of creating web content, you might be writing content that screams, “I suck!”

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