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Going Full Screen: You, Your Thoughts, And Your Words

Full screen editors, though simple and unexciting at face, are the perfect tool for creative writers.

Last week I wrote about different full screen text editors to choose from and (sort of) promised that I’ll expand on why writing in full screen is at least worth trying.

Well, there is no better time for it than now.

So, what are the advantages of writing in a full screen editor with no formatting options at all, when we have all kinds of word processors with the latest bells and whistles at our command?

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Turbo Charge Your Creativity With These 13 Amazing Full Screen Editors

Full Screen Text Editor

Full screen text editor is probably the best thing I’ve discovered since I started blogging.

When I open up my full screen text editor, my creativity quadruples and ideas seem to flow from every inch of my brain.

A few days ago, Maki wrote about a full screen text editor called Dark Room and explained how it helped him concentrate better and come up with great content. Well, I needed no convincing. On some subconscious level, I badly wanted a writing app like this. I was sold.

Since then, I’ve been writing everything that needs concentration in a full screen text editor. And the results are amazing.

How to write best in full screen is a subject for another post. For now, here’s a list of 13 full screen text editors that’ll help you stay focused on writing. Take your pick.

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Top Writers Tell You How To Blog

Your favorite quotes from top writers?

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5 Types Of Linkbaits That Actually Work

Linkbait is such a suspicious word. At first, it appears to be some sort of fraudulent technique to get links from other webmasters, but on closer scrutiny, it turns out that linkbait is just another name of quality content that is so cool that people feel obliged to link to it.

Any blog, on today’s web, should create quality linkbait in order to be seen by more than a handful of visitors. The web is unlike all other media. Here, the success awaits those who understand the web regardless of how influential or rich they are in real life.

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How To Create a Winner Every Time You Write

Winner Medal

Know your whys and hows?

If your blog posts take any amount of thinking to complete, you must do the thinking before you write. This brief ensures that you don’t miss any important points, and that you actually know your subject matter before you can explain it to your readers.

By putting some time aside to answer some basic questions about your articles (very briefly), you’ll create a winner every time you write.

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How to Write When You Can’t

There are times when even a prolific writer finds it impossible to put down a single coherent sentence.

And I’ve been in such a miserable condition a few days ago.

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How To Write More, Worry Less, And Create Great Content

A girl typing on a laptop

Do you keep worrying about how much you suck at writing?

Are you convinced that you can never write well no matter what?

And most importantly, do you spend hours writing a medium sized article and still end up being dissatisfied?

Now, what if I told you there is a way to write more, in less time, and be satisfied with what you write?

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