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WP Splash: WordPress Goodness Splashed All Over!

WordPress tips, hacks and design galleryI’ve partnered up with two other WordPress developer friends to launch a new awesome all-things-WordPress blog: WordPress Splash.

We’ll cover a wide variety of WordPress topics, but the primary focus will be giving useful and practical tips and code examples that will make your life easy as a WordPress developer, modder, or a blogger.

WP Splash includes a WordPress Design Gallery, where you can submit your WordPress based designs. And also a community news section on homepage where you can submit WordPress related articles/links.

We have BIG plans for WP Splash, so keep an eye on it. Make sure you subscribe to WP Splash RSS feed and follow it on Twitter to stay updated.

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5 Easy Steps To Oodles Of Search Engine Traffic For Your WordPress Blog

In this post, I am going to list some of the most essential SEO tips and tweaks for WordPress that I’ve learned so far. This isn’t a full-blown SEO guide, but after applying these tweaks, you’ll notice a nice boost in your search engine traffic.

So let’s get started already!

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5 Odd And Unique Uses Of WordPress

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A customized WordPress installation can handle every kind of task it is given very comfortably. Thanks to its unmatched flexibility and an ever increasing repository of Plugins, we are able to set up WordPress to do things that it isn’t supposed to do.

You may disagree with me and say that every use of WordPress other than as a blog is its misuse, but trust me, WordPress is more robust, intuitive, and flexible than many of the free services and CMS out there. We trust WordPress because we know it so well, and it has never let us down.

The other day I was searching for a way to integrate Tumblr with WordPress, and came across some unique uses of WordPress. People have devised ingenious ways to turn WordPress into full-fledged CMS and whatnot. Here are some of the best ones.

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10 WordPress Plugins To Automate Tasks And Save Time

Have you ever been annoyed by having to constantly upgrade your WordPress installation, going to tons of social bookmarking sites to bookmark your latest post, going through the hassle of installing new plugins and themes and having to manage multiple blogs?

The following list of WordPress plugins solves these and more of your problems by automating tedious tasks, and saving time that you’d rather spend on more productive activities.

WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin – WordPress Automatic Upgrade is a plugin that automatically upgrades your wordpress version to the latest files provided by wordpress.org using the 5 steps provided in the wordpress upgrade instructions.

OneClick for WordPress – OneClick is a WordPress Plugin+Firefox Extension combo which will change the way you look at wordpress forever. It reduces the effort needed to install a plugin or a theme for wordpress to just one simple click. It’s excellent for admins, non-techies, people with restrictive firewalls, and just about anyone who uses wordpress and installs plugins and themes.

Multiply – Multiply is a plugin for WordPress which allows multiple blogs from within the one administration interface. Includes one-click creation of new blogs, with per-blog user permissions, plugins, themes etc.

PlugInstaller WP plugin – PlugInstaller is a WordPress plugin-management plugin that eliminates the need to download a plugin archive, upload it to your FTP server and unpack it manually. With PlugInstaller, you can easily enter a plugin URL (e.g. directly from a plugin repository website like the WordPress.org plugin repository) within the admin interface which is in turn automatically downloaded and installed on your server or you can upload a file from your local file system which is also automatically installed. If you do no longer like one or more plugins that you previously installed, you can uninstall those plugins with a single click.

WPAds – WPAds is a WordPress plugin for showing and rotating ads in your blog. You only have to define the ad positions and the ads you want to rotate in each position, and WPAds will serve your ads randomly. WPAds can show contextual ads (ie, Google AdSense, Yahoo Publishers Network, etc) and also image banners.

WP Admin Switcher – After you have installed this plugin you will be able to add information of multiple blogs you manage, the plugin will show you a drop down on top of all pages and let you switch between blogs. When you switch the plugin will attempt to show the same page of the other blogs administration panel. This plugin also works with free blogs from wordpress.com.

Google Sitemap Generator – This plugin generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by Google, YAHOO and MSN Search.

WP-o-Matic – WP-o-Matic is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to create posts automatically from feeds. With its simple interface, you just type in the feed url, select in which categories you want to create the posts, and you’re ready to go.

Throttle – Throttle is a WordPress implementation of a bandwidth and script limiting throttle. It provides an API to monitor and report current load to plugins or themes, allowing them to limit non-essential elements until load reduces. In doing this it limits the effect of traffic peaks on your server’s performance.

OnlyWire Multiple Social Bookmarking Service – This is not a WordPress plugin, but who cares? OnlyWire allows you to save a page (most of the time your own post!) to multiple bookmarking services with only one click. A great time saver!

Let me know in the comments if you know of any similar WordPress plugins/tools.

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