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New blog design

In my tireless pursuit of a perfect design, I have done another round of changes to my blog’s design.

I’ve been working on the new design over the past couple of days, and this time I’ve not only changed the color scheme, but also changed the positioning of three main columns.

So what’s new?

A real three column layout

My previous design was stuck in between two and three columns. So I have put everything where it belongs: all three columns standing in their own distinct space.

I’ve placed the content column in the center because I want to put emphasis on the content. In my previous design, the sidebar on the right was rather big and was attracting too much attention.

Is this a right move?

A darker color scheme

Before you speculate that I’ve joined the dark side, no I haven’t. I am still a humble Jedi.

Again, because of the darker background color in the sidebar, and dimmed text over it, the eye naturally lands on the center column. And this is where I want to guide your eyes. Thou shalt do as ye is ordered!

Do you like this design better than previous one? Anything else you want to see changed?

P.S. will anyone be interested in using my previous theme?

Update: Since almost no one liked the darker background color, I’ve changed it to light gray. This is the ease of CSS. I just changed a couple of color properties and viola!

Thanks all for your feedback!

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54 Typography Resources Every Designer Should Bookmark

Typography Resources

If you are a web designer, or a passionate CSS hobbyist, you must be aware of the impact well structured typography can have on your overall design. Though, optimizing your typography to work on old and new versions of plethora of web browsers on various operating systems can prove to be quite a headache. With the following list of resources, you can learn, optimize, and beautify your web typography, and never need to worry about those pesky compatibility issues again (I wish!).

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Release: Content Cream WordPress Theme

Content Cream is a soft looking WordPress Theme that is all about content.

I designed this theme for personal use, but used it only for a month before I decided that I needed to change it. So I am making my old theme available for download for a very low fee of… $0!

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Stop! Before You Make Any Of These 5 Website Usability Mistakes

Stop Sign

I was reading Lisa’s post on site usability mistakes that bug her, and it reminded me to finish my own second list of annoyances on the web pages that bug me a lot. My first list can be found here.

I’ll start off by spotting two usability mistakes on Lisa’s blog (That’s how shameless I am!).

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New Design Again!

Here we go! After considering a lot of suggestions from a lot of friends, I have completed the second round of changes. This time I am going to stick to this design for very long (hopefully).

Funnily, I started my design as completely nontraditional, and now here I am, back to the basics and good ol’ standard bloggy look. Thankfully, I did learn a thing or two with my experimentation that I’ll be trying out in a couple of days.

Please give your feedback if you feel like it, otherwise, enjoy the shiny new design.

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Are You Improving In These Areas Or Have You Stalled?

Chasing The Sun

We all strive to improve and get better at what we do. In blogosphere, the success of your blog is a measure to gauge the strength of your efforts.

But how do you measure the success of a blog? Simple, by your subscription stats, the number of comments others leave on your blog, and the amount of buzz you create in the blogosphere.

A methodical approach towards making all these factors count in your favor often pays off.

Below is a rundown of areas you need to improve to become a successful blogger (and so do I).

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Blogging Bits New Design

Welcome to new and improved Blogging Bits.

As I promised earlier in my blog redesign advice, I have completed the first phase of what may be a complete overhaul of Blogging Bits.

Here are some of the prominent features apart from countless other small changes and tweaks.

Clean home page

I have completely removed all the content from the home page that would have caused duplicate content problems. Any pages with duplicate content can end up in Google’s supplemental index, and Google ignores such pages even if they are relevant to certain searches.

This, coupled with nofollow meta tag on category, and archive pages will, hopefully, keep me out of Google’s supplemental index.

Another benefit of such minimalistic design is that it loads real fast, which makes it search engine as well as slow connection friendly.

Pretty icons

Icons talk, they really do. Things had started to look a tad boring with all the text crammed into every corner of the layout, so I decided to add those little images at key places, and boy, do they look pretty!

Non-white background

I am not a big fan of black text on white background for onscreen reading, so I have replaced the white background with a soothing silvery color. It’s easy on the eyes and relaxing. Try it.

Please let me know of your feedback and tell me if something in the new design doesn’t look quite right to you.

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