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What Does Your Website Design Reveal About You?

Having been in the web design business for quite some time, I’ve seen a lot of sites.  Some are hip and edgy, some are cool and confident.  Others are fun and exciting.

How your website is designed can actually reveal a lot about you and your company.  The problem is – your website’s “look and feel” may not match the brand you’re trying to portray to your customers.

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Why and How to Get a Blog Logo Dirt Cheap

Do you need a logo for your blog? The answer is yes. It’s little things that make big differences between you and other bloggers.

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WordPress Theme: Blue Ecstasy

Blue Ecstasy WordPress Theme

Do you like the simplicity of default WordPress (Kubrick) theme but wish it could be a little prettier? If so, Blue Ecstasy is for you.

Blue Ecstasy is a simple, usable, and customizable (and did I tell you it’s blue!) widget-ready theme that takes after the famous Kubrick theme, but is slicker and lighter than Kubrick.

And that’s it for the description. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments.

Live demo

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Adding Post Thumbnails in WordPress 2.5

WordPress Post Thumbnail

WordPress magazine style themes have been all the rage lately, and everyone seems to want some aspect of their WordPress blog to have a magazine-y look and feel.

So if you have been around blogosphere recently, you must have seen those cool image thumbnails with short excerpts displayed on many blog home pages.

Today I went around searching for the easiest post thumbnail method, and was surprised to see how unnecessarily complicated some of the code junkies make something as simple as adding image thumbnails to posts.

So I hunt around a bit more and came up with an easy as pie way to add pretty little thumbnails to a WordPress 2.5 powered blog.

What you need to know: You need to know how to copy and paste.

What you don’t need to know: You don’t need to know how to open Photoshop.

So let’s get started.

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20+ Free Web Design Ebooks And Guides

Even though there are plenty of books available in stores on almost all aspects of web design, you don’t need to spend a dime when you can get all the basic information for free. The following list of free web design ebooks and guides will get you started building accessible, usable, and useful web sites in no time.

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Understanding Minimalism in Web Design

Single Paper

Minimalism and simplicity may appear to be synonyms, but they are not.

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Why Firefox Is a Web Designer’s Best Friend

Firefox is a web designer's friend

I don’t know how I’ll design a single graphic or write a single line of code without Firefox.

Apart from the darn good web browser that it is, Firefox is also a web designer’s best friend. You can do almost all of your web page testing within Firefox and use it as a tool along with your graphic and code editors to help you design better and faster.

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