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5 Sources That Brought Me Tons Of Visitors


It’s going to be almost two months since the launch of Blogging Bits. I have got steady stream of traffic from various sources during this period, but some of them really stand out.

So, for my readers, here is top 5 list of sources that sent me most traffic.

1. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is hands down the best source of traffic for new blogs. It stands tall high above all other sources.

StumbleUpon has sent me 6260 unique visitors so far. Although StumbleUpon visitors rarely turn into regular readers, it is still rewarding to have your content read by so many people.

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Are You Improving In These Areas Or Have You Stalled?

Chasing The Sun

We all strive to improve and get better at what we do. In blogosphere, the success of your blog is a measure to gauge the strength of your efforts.

But how do you measure the success of a blog? Simple, by your subscription stats, the number of comments others leave on your blog, and the amount of buzz you create in the blogosphere.

A methodical approach towards making all these factors count in your favor often pays off.

Below is a rundown of areas you need to improve to become a successful blogger (and so do I).

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Top 11 Digg-like Sites For Bloggers, Designers, And Web Developers

Digg Clones

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Anyone who has tried to get to the Digg front page knows how hard it is to do that. You need a lot of friends, influence, and need to be a top member apart from writing quality content before you can dream of meeting success on Digg.

On Digg-clones, on the other hand, it’s relatively easy to get the attention you deserve. Many niche specific Digg-style sites have emerged over the past few months where you can submit stories to be reviewed and voted by those who are interested in your content. Though, you may not get as much traffic from niche social media sites as you would from Digg, it’s worth having your content read by the like-minded people who are more likely to become your regular readers.

Below is a list of 11 most popular Digg-like sites where bloggers, designers, and web developers can submit stories (their bog posts or whatever) to promote their content.

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Choose Your Audience: The Uncaring Social Media Crowd Or Your Loyal Readers?

If you are new to bogging, you know the pains you take to get others to respond to the content you create with so much love. The lack of audience is sometimes discouraging and makes you wonder why in Holy Ghost’s name did you start a blog?

Although, the audience builds up in due course if you persist long enough, sometimes targeting your content at a particular group of your audience does pay off.

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5 easy ways to get bookmarked on delicious and become hot

Delicious Screenshot

Social bookmarking has been a blessing for web surfers. Before the advent and popularity of social bookmarking tools and services, people used to save bookmarks locally in their web browsers. Since browsing is a continuous activity and there is no dearth of useful web pages, the bookmarks kept piling up until it became impossible to sort through the bookmarks to find a saved web page. Further, they could not be accessed from other computers.

Online social bookmarking, easy tagging, and sharing of the bookmarks throughout the bookmarking networks has changed all this. The bookmarking sites like delicious let you save web pages on the go for later viewing, so you can move on to the next page.

Every blogger dreams of getting bookmarked by tons of people and making it to the front page of popular bookmarking sites like delicious. So, without further ado, here are five ways to get more of your posts bookmarked, and open the gates to some long term and steady traffic.

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