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Social Media is Your Answer to Information Overload

Getting your information from social media ensures that you never think about the dreaded information overload again.

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So there is this thing called information overload that threatens to engulf our brains and rob us of our ability to make sound judgments. And there is this internet that helps this giant get even bigger.

If you ask me, this is all bull. Information never comes in such huge quantities that it becomes impossible for us to assimilate it all.

But yes, there is a lot of noise that accompanies the real information and gives us an impression as though it were all endless streams of information.

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The Most Useful StumbleUpon Feature You May Not Have Known

Hidden in the obscure StumbleUpon toolbar settings is a feature that’ll change the way you stumble!

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5 Types Of Linkbaits That Actually Work

Linkbait is such a suspicious word. At first, it appears to be some sort of fraudulent technique to get links from other webmasters, but on closer scrutiny, it turns out that linkbait is just another name of quality content that is so cool that people feel obliged to link to it.

Any blog, on today’s web, should create quality linkbait in order to be seen by more than a handful of visitors. The web is unlike all other media. Here, the success awaits those who understand the web regardless of how influential or rich they are in real life.

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The Value of SMO: How to Get Subscribers While You Sleep

Do you know I have picked up 50 new subscribers during previous two weeks?

That’s probably not very interesting. What’s interesting is that I haven’t posted anything in the past two weeks! (because of illness)

I bet now I’ve got your attention, eh?

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How To Use Forums To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Who said forums are only good for getting help and advice?

There is often so much activity on certain forums that a normal forum-less website can only dream of.

While you can help other members and ask for help on the discussion forums, you can also tap into the abundant traffic of forums and drive it back to your blog.

Following are a few ways to get other forum members to notice you and visit your site at least once.

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On-page Social Media Optimization: Double Your Traffic With These Simple Tips

Writing a kick-butt post alone is not enough to win the hearts of your social media visitors.

In pre-social media days, webmasters wrote and optimized content for search engines. Now things are different. Traditional SEO has got a competitor: which is called SMO (social media optimization). Social media optimized content not only attracts high amounts of traffic from social media sites, but also invariably translates into high search engine rankings.

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How To Turn Your Personal Blog Into a Semi-Pro Blog

How To Turn Your Personal Blog Into a Semi-Pro Blog

You know why blogging became popular? Because it let the geniuses like you and I publish their rants thoughts about random stuff online. Blogs were supposed to be personal diaries.

Then, the cult of business-minded came along and turned blogs into online profit-turning machines, and set down a completely different definition of blogging. Of course, money feels and smells good, so everyone liked the renewed definition of blogging, leaving personal blogs behind.

The state of personal blogging is very bad nowadays. Personal bloggers have very few readers who hardly participate in discussions. Unless you have been blogging for five or so years, chances are you find blogging a very discouraging experience.

The fault, probably, lies within you. It’s time to reconsider your agendas and re-examine the way you blog.

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