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How to Make Your Next Project Really Work

Creating a new site, blog or a web app is easy. But most of such new sites created every day do not work.

And there’s a very good reason why.

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Twitter Glossary: Twitter Lingo Explained For The Utterly Confused


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What are all those confusing little words you come across in every other tweet? Read on for answers.

Twitter is becoming a culture in itself. Spawning new words, and creating new concepts around its lingo.

Many of us get confused when we first join Twitter and are bombarded with the inside mumbo-jumbo. This post is meant to clear up some of those words. The big ones actually, that everyone else seems to know except you!

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How to Retweet: A Simple Guide

This is a guest post by AJ Vaynerchuk. He blogs about social media, marketing, and SEO, and spends a lot of his time on Twitter.

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Many bloggers use Twitter as a platform to promote their own blog. That’s an easy concept, no need to waste our time there. Instead, lets focus on something that is under-utilized by most bloggers: promoting other blogger’s content by “retweeting.”

The art of “retweeting” is best described as taking a twitter message someone else has posted, and rebroadcasting that same message to your followers. When broadcasting this message, you should give credit to the original poster. While retweeting sounds great for the original tweeter (since there is usually a link involved), retweeting can actually benefit you just as much if not more.

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Oooh.. I’m having Sex!


And it feels great!

OK, so if it sounds too preposterous, I’m not really having sex. But according to Michael Martine (aka Remarkablogger) tweeting is as fun and as unexplainable as having sex.

Last night when I read Michael’s unique view about Twitter, I said to myself, what the heck, why not give Twitter a try and find out if it’s really so addictive? So now, I’m officially joining Twitter.

If you are on Twitter, please follow my tweets.

I’ll write a detailed post about my experience on Twitter when I’ve familiarized myself with how things work on Twitter. In the mean time, if you have good or bad things to say about Twitter, please cough ‘em up in the comments!

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How to Find Your Audience, Approach Them, and Make Them Your Fan

Audience, audience, audience. Everyone who has something to say wants audience. So few ears and so many voices. It looks almost impossible to find people who can give you what you desire most: their attention.

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Why It’s Important to Use Keywords in Linkbait Titles

A few days ago I reached the front page for the second time, and the results have exceeded my expectations.

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How I got 17K Visitors in Two Days

Boy – that sounds sweet to the ears. 17 K visitors in two days!

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