Be Extraordinary: How To Tap Into Your Amazing Creative Power

How to be creative

Unlike what you may think, creative thinking is not solely for other people.

You can also be creative. The only requirement is that you make an effort to be creative.

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How To Kill Procrastination For Good – No Kidding!

Procrastination, my friends, is the enemy of our success.

We tend to put off what we consider to be important, and we put it off because we think of it as a daunting task. The root of procrastination, hence, I believe lies in the fear of not being able to complete the important task.

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Stop! Read This Before Giving Up On Blogging

Has blogging let you down? Are you tired of being a B-List blogger?

It’s possible to improve the state of your blogging. In fact, it’s easy to take your blogging to the next level.

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6 Essential Tips For Distraction Free Blogging

Cluttered Computer Desk

Recently, I’ve started noticing and removing small distractions that can sometimes lead to serious concentration lapses.

A distraction free work environment can boost your productivity a great deal. Just like a stress free mind can help you get to the pinnacle of creativity.

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15+ Alternatives to Your Boring Blog Editor

Are you tired of your blog’s default post editor? So am I, and being the kind person that I am, I have put together a list of 15+ blog editor alternatives so you don’t have to put up with that jerk of a editor (excuse the pun). I especially love desktop-based blog editors because they let me write and edit posts offline and off-browser, which minimizes distractions and maximizes productivity. Online editors are also more feature-rich than boring ol’ default post editor in WordPress.

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How To Build a Road Map For Your Blogging Success

Road map

Are you a successful blogger? Success, it seems, has different meaning for every person. For some, managing a low traffic blog is a success in itself. For others, it means a lot of traffic, subscribers, and comments. The majority, however, does not know how to determine whether they are successful or not, and what exactly it feels like to be a successful blogger.

Every blogger is full of inspiration and motivation when starting a blog, but this elated condition seems to wane as time passes. The interest simply peters out and the once fun task of blogging seems more like a chore. This all happens because the bored blogger is not familiar with the sense of success.

Usually, since blogging is supposed to be a lifelong adventure, the formidable challenge of blogging overshadows the initial enthusiasm. To get a sense of definite direction and ultimately a sense of success, you need to set down several goals to help you stay motivated along the way.

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5 Tips For Blogging When You Just Don’t Have The Time

Clock Tower

This is a guest post by Jamin Gray. Jamin Gray writes at and covers topics such as lifehacks and productivity.

So you’ve got this brilliant blog, and you have high hopes for it to continue to grow, grab new readers, and produce fantastic content. But the boss at your day job is making you work overtime to meet a deadline. And the kids need to be taken to piano practice. And it’s time to pay the bills, do the dishes, and meet up with that college friend you’ve been neglecting. It’s been a few days since you posted something and you’re feeling a sense of urgency. But you just don’t have the time.

Fast forward 6 hours. You met your work deadline, the kids are in bed and the dishes and bills are done. You called your college friend and agreed to meet over the weekend. It’s 1am and you have a few minutes to write a post before you should get to bed. But your brain won’t cooperate and switch into creative blogging mode. You have no idea what to write about and are just staring at your computer screen. Finally, you write a hurried post on the blog linking to another article with a brief description.

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