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Link Exchange Strategy: Do You Turn Down Link Exchange Requests?


I imagine that every blogger gets link exchange requests. It’s often difficult to decide whether to accept the offer or not. Sometimes spammy requests will inundate your inbox and you’ll utterly despise the idea of link exchanges. It’s normal to associate negativity with something that mostly comes across as unpleasant.

I too, as all other bloggers, get link exchange requests very often. Since I’ve made it so easy for others to contact me with a dedicated contact page and a nice contact form, it seems like an open invitation for many bloggers to present their link to me for consideration.

I am not against the link exchanges if the links are relevant to my topics, and I urge you all not to form a bad opinion about exchanging links with other bloggers. But make sure you consider the following points before accepting or rejecting a link exchange.

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5 Surefire Ways To Build Tons Of Backlinks For Your Blog

So you want to build lots of backlinks for your blog huh?

That’s easy. You only need to look at what work for others and steal their techniques. Obviously, some methods only work for a select few, because of the way they do it, and because of the fact that you can’t do it. I am talking about the so-called A-list bloggers who have done all the hard work of building strong reputation for their blogs, and now even if they do so much as belch, it prompts many people to link to them for doing such valiant feat.

Of course it takes time, hard work, dedication, and a bit of social media luck to reach that level, but here we are talking about quick and dirty ways to build loads of links to your blog, aimed at getting you better search engine rankings, improved Technorati rank, and most importantly creating brand awareness for your blog.

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5 Sources That Brought Me Tons Of Visitors


It’s going to be almost two months since the launch of Blogging Bits. I have got steady stream of traffic from various sources during this period, but some of them really stand out.

So, for my readers, here is top 5 list of sources that sent me most traffic.

1. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is hands down the best source of traffic for new blogs. It stands tall high above all other sources.

StumbleUpon has sent me 6260 unique visitors so far. Although StumbleUpon visitors rarely turn into regular readers, it is still rewarding to have your content read by so many people.

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Top 11 Digg-like Sites For Bloggers, Designers, And Web Developers

Digg Clones

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Anyone who has tried to get to the Digg front page knows how hard it is to do that. You need a lot of friends, influence, and need to be a top member apart from writing quality content before you can dream of meeting success on Digg.

On Digg-clones, on the other hand, it’s relatively easy to get the attention you deserve. Many niche specific Digg-style sites have emerged over the past few months where you can submit stories to be reviewed and voted by those who are interested in your content. Though, you may not get as much traffic from niche social media sites as you would from Digg, it’s worth having your content read by the like-minded people who are more likely to become your regular readers.

Below is a list of 11 most popular Digg-like sites where bloggers, designers, and web developers can submit stories (their bog posts or whatever) to promote their content.

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