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Why It’s Important to Use Keywords in Linkbait Titles

A few days ago I reached the front page for the second time, and the results have exceeded my expectations.

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5 Types Of Linkbaits That Actually Work

Linkbait is such a suspicious word. At first, it appears to be some sort of fraudulent technique to get links from other webmasters, but on closer scrutiny, it turns out that linkbait is just another name of quality content that is so cool that people feel obliged to link to it.

Any blog, on today’s web, should create quality linkbait in order to be seen by more than a handful of visitors. The web is unlike all other media. Here, the success awaits those who understand the web regardless of how influential or rich they are in real life.

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A Beginner’s Teeny Weeny Guide To Blogging

Recently, I’ve been getting emails from would-be bloggers who are fascinated by blogging, but don’t know where to start. Well, I don’t blame them. Even though there are many blogs that teach blogging, and they have guides to get the new bloggers started, they usually forget that a person who is not yet committed to blogging doesn’t fancy reading outrageously long guides.

Blogging isn’t as scary as some of the lengthy blogging guides make it appear to be. If you are new to blogging but can’t decide what to do, go through this teensy weensy blogging guide and take the plunge!

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Get Free Link And Traffic From Blogging Bits

Remember my previous free backlink experiments? Well, I am back with a new one. This time keeping things simpler, easier, more organized, and more beneficial for you.

However, as always, you have to take the required steps before your can submit your link.

  1. First, subscribe to Blogging Bits by email or RSS.
  2. Then, submit your link through link submission form and enter the link code found at the bottom of any post in your feed reader..
  3. Wait. It will usually take up to 24 hours before your link appears in the sidebar.

That’s it!

Here are a few more guidelines to keep in mind when submitting your links:

  • Submit only one link per domain per week (this will allow your link to stay in the linkroll for longer)
  • Please submit only relevant links to Blogging Bits general topics (blogging, design, life hacks, writing, internet marketing, SEO, tech in general etc.)
  • And, of course, submit only high quality stuff.

Head over to link submission page to submit your link.

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Get a Free Link From Blogging Bits – Every Month!

Get a free linkback

After successfully running a free backlink giveaway a few weeks ago, I got the feel of what kind of response to expect for such an offer.

So I am doing it again, but this time with a bit of twist.

All you have to do is subscribe to my RSS feed (if you haven’t already), get the secret word from the bottom of any post, submit your link, and BAM!

You are supposed to submit only one link per blog every month. Moreover, I’ll change the secret word every month to keep things fresh.

5 Winners will be selected randomly at the end of every month, who’ll get all the attention of Blogging Bits readers for a day or two, and a permanent backlink!

Find out more and submit your link on link submission page.

Your thoughts?

What do you think? Would this free backlink giveaway be as successful as previous one?

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Backlinks Giveaway: 28 Free Backlinks

After running my free backlink offer for two days, I have ended up collecting a total of 28 links. It was a great response (despite the fact that the site went down for 10 hours instantly after the offer) and I learned a thing or two from it that I’ll utilize in my future offerings.

Thanks to those who submitted their links, and a special thanks to following people for spreading the word:

Those who benefited from this offer, and those who missed, keep your fingers crossed, because a similar offer is coming very soon, which will be even better and everyone will be able to benefit from it. Subscribe to my RSS to be notified when I give away more free backlinks.

Here are final 28 links in the order they were submitted. I’ve enjoyed reading many of these and I am sure you do too.

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Get a Free Backlink From Blogging Bits!

Get a Free Backlink From Blogging Bits!

OK guys, here’s the idea: You will link to one of your favorite posts on your blog in the comments, and I’ll include your link in the next post where I’ll compile a list of all the links submitted by everyone. The deadline is day after tomorrow (can be extended).

Sounds useful? Great! Feel free to tell your contacts about it, or advertise it on your blog. I don’t mind a few backlinks in return for giving away as many as you guys submit. But, of course, this is not a condition.

So start posting your links now!

Note: I may decide to exclude a link if I think it’s from a spam blog or is very very low quality. Don’t waste your time spammers.

The offer is now closed. Please don’t submit any more links. Here is the list of 28 free backlinks for your reading pleasure.

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