New Design Again!

Here we go! After considering a lot of suggestions from a lot of friends, I have completed the second round of changes. This time I am going to stick to this design for very long (hopefully).

Funnily, I started my design as completely nontraditional, and now here I am, back to the basics and good ol’ standard bloggy look. Thankfully, I did learn a thing or two with my experimentation that I’ll be trying out in a couple of days.

Please give your feedback if you feel like it, otherwise, enjoy the shiny new design.

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The Giving Hand’s Month-long Blogging Campaign On Environment

Green Globe

Pelf at The Giving Hands has recently initiated a month-long blogging campaign on matters relating to the environment. The blogging campaign began on Sept 15th and will conclude on Oct 15th, in conjunction with Blog Action Day — a day where bloggers around the world blog about an issue that concerns all of us — the environment.

Throughout the month-long blogging campaign, Pelf has lined up some very interesting articles on a variety of topics and she has also gotten a few guest-bloggers who would be blogging about their personal experiences on going green, or their contribution to the pollution and what they can do about it or whatever environmental issue that catches their fancy.

Some of the environment-related articles that have been published since Sept 15th are as follows:

Do you have an environment-related issue you’d like to discuss? Do you have some energy-saving tips (or whatever other tips) you’d like to share?

Visit The Giving Hands today, share your tips, and together we can make the earth a better place to live in.

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DMCA Guide For Bloggers: How To Give Sploggers A Run For Their Money

A Judge's Hammer

This guest post was written by Jeremy Steele. Jeremy Steele is a legally minded blogger, programmer, web designer, and Internet lover. He has been blogging on Nusuni Dot Com for about a year, and covers all aspects of blogging.

If you’ve been online for any amount of time, odds are you’ve seen “DMCA” mentioned quite a few times. Maybe you’ve even done some research into it, but do you really know what the DMCA laws are and how they can help you? Here’s a quick’n'dirty DMCA guide for bloggers:

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New Posting Pattern Initiated!

Till now, I have been writing random articles and posts to fill up my blog with some worth-reading content. Alongside that, I have been struggling to maintain a regular posting schedule due to poor time management (which is now identified and solved).

Now that I’ve given the issue some thought, I am more inclined to follow a defined pattern than post in a random and sporadic way.

Here is how I intend to spread out my posting schedule over the week so far:

  • Sunday: Link love day – I’ll link to other bloggers (and frequent commenters) who deserve more attention for what they write.
  • Monday: Productivity day – I’ll give my thoughts on how to be more organized and productive to become an efficient blogger.
  • Tuesday: Random Post day – I’ll write a post on any of the topics I cover.
  • Wednesday: Resource list day – I’ll compile a list of useful resources and tools (link bait baby!).
  • Thursday: WordPress day – A day dedicated to anything and everything about my favorite blogging software WordPress.
  • Friday: Reader’s day – I’ll write on a topic suggested by you, or answer your questions if any. Otherwise I’ll take a break.
  • Saturday: Guest blogger’s day – I’ll let others guest post on my blog while I guest post on others’ blogs! Let me know if you want to guest post here, or want me to guest post on your blog.

Damn – there is only so much that can be done in a week.

Any more suggestions?

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Downtime Ahead

I and my good web host Select Web hosting will be transferring Blogging Bits to a brand new server starting from 9:00 PM GMT tonight. Therefore, Blogging Bits will be offline for 24 hours or more.

Please be patient because I am not going to go anywhere. Blogging Bits will be back as soon as we are done migrating to the new server.

See you soon!

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Blogging Bits New Design

Welcome to new and improved Blogging Bits.

As I promised earlier in my blog redesign advice, I have completed the first phase of what may be a complete overhaul of Blogging Bits.

Here are some of the prominent features apart from countless other small changes and tweaks.

Clean home page

I have completely removed all the content from the home page that would have caused duplicate content problems. Any pages with duplicate content can end up in Google’s supplemental index, and Google ignores such pages even if they are relevant to certain searches.

This, coupled with nofollow meta tag on category, and archive pages will, hopefully, keep me out of Google’s supplemental index.

Another benefit of such minimalistic design is that it loads real fast, which makes it search engine as well as slow connection friendly.

Pretty icons

Icons talk, they really do. Things had started to look a tad boring with all the text crammed into every corner of the layout, so I decided to add those little images at key places, and boy, do they look pretty!

Non-white background

I am not a big fan of black text on white background for onscreen reading, so I have replaced the white background with a soothing silvery color. It’s easy on the eyes and relaxing. Try it.

Please let me know of your feedback and tell me if something in the new design doesn’t look quite right to you.

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What Your Readers Don’t Need To Know About You

Business card

Blogs are supposed to be personal, right? But how much personal can you get without scarifying your privacy? Should you share the nitty-gritty details of your life with total strangers? What became of remaining anonymous online?

Personally, I think it is wise to remain anonymous if your blog thrives on controversy. It wouldn’t be wise to speak in favor of software piracy and leave your address on About page to facilitate a meeting with the cops. It would be equally silly to criticize Osama and invite bearded extremists for an evening tea at your house.

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