5 Blogging Secrets You Can’t Share With Your Wife


Let’s admit it. Blogging is weird and bloggers are weirdos.

At least in the eyes of other people. Our families and friends think we have lost a screw or two somewhere in the center of our head.

Many times people ask me what do I do online – and yes, this has never been an easy question to answer – I try my mightiest to explain it all in the terms they can understand, but all I get back in response is suspicious stares.

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Your Replies To Community Discussion And an Important Note

Thanks everyone who participated in last week’s discussion.

1. Do you use to-do lists to stay organized, and do you think it helps you stay focused on blogging tasks and other day-to-day activities?
2. What software do you recommend for keeping to-do lists?

Wayne Liew, in my humble opinion, gave the most thorough answer.

To-do list don’t work for everyone. It is the skill on how to categorize your tasks that makes the to-do list to perform efficiently for you. For example, when to put off a task to “the day after tomorrow” and what will be the priority of certain task. Knowing the fact that you are not required to finish everything off is vital in keeping your to-do list short.

I can say that it can boost the productivity for some but it might also makes someone busy and feels like work can’t stop coming to them.

Softwares for a to-do list is only vital for computer works such as blogging ideas and to-dos such as a modification to your blog. I don’t think life is just about computer and blogging afterall. I do agree with Pelf on keeping a diary or a notepad to mark down to-do items. For online tasks reminders, I do recommend those free sticky pad softwares that you can stick around your desktop to remind you of important online to-dos.

Here are the rest of replies in the order they were posted, for those of you who prefer to read it all in your feed or email reader.

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Link Feast: Notable Posts at Blogging Bits And Some Link Love

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to do the wrap-up post.

It’s been good five months for Blogging Bits. Even though I didn’t post remarkably well-researched articles or strive to reach Digg front page thanks to constant hosting issues that I’ve been having, the community response and participation on almost all articles has exceeded my expectations. So, a big thanks to everyone who has put up with, read, and taken part in discussions at Blogging Bits.

Below is some link love followed by what I consider to be the best posts at Blogging Bits in 2007.

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5 Articles From The Free Backlink Scheme

As promised, here are 5 randomly selected articles out of total 31 submitted articles. Thanks everyone.

My StumbleUpon Analysis – A Poor 500% Traffic Increase by Jamie Harrop.

RSS – Everything you ever wanted to know about it by Colin King.

Bloggers Guide to Creating Better Content by Steven Snell.

How To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing by Jacob Cass.

How to Get Back Into Your Blogging Groove by Hopeful Spirit.

And with that, I officially close this scheme.

Don’t worry, I am still intent on giving away more traffic and backlinks to Blogging Bits readers, but I have a slightly different and better way of doing so in mind this time around. So keep your fingers crossed.

You won’t be disappointed. I promise.

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Have You Noticed Something New?

New blog design

In my tireless pursuit of a perfect design, I have done another round of changes to my blog’s design.

I’ve been working on the new design over the past couple of days, and this time I’ve not only changed the color scheme, but also changed the positioning of three main columns.

So what’s new?

A real three column layout

My previous design was stuck in between two and three columns. So I have put everything where it belongs: all three columns standing in their own distinct space.

I’ve placed the content column in the center because I want to put emphasis on the content. In my previous design, the sidebar on the right was rather big and was attracting too much attention.

Is this a right move?

A darker color scheme

Before you speculate that I’ve joined the dark side, no I haven’t. I am still a humble Jedi.

Again, because of the darker background color in the sidebar, and dimmed text over it, the eye naturally lands on the center column. And this is where I want to guide your eyes. Thou shalt do as ye is ordered!

Do you like this design better than previous one? Anything else you want to see changed?

P.S. will anyone be interested in using my previous theme?

Update: Since almost no one liked the darker background color, I’ve changed it to light gray. This is the ease of CSS. I just changed a couple of color properties and viola!

Thanks all for your feedback!

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5 Reasons Why Blogging Sucks

You thought blogging is all fun and money? Well, that’s not quite true.

Instigator blog published an excellent list of not-so-fancy aspects of freelancing, so I thought since blogging, and especially problogging, is a freelance activity, I’ll list the cons of problogging.

Blogging is stressful. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy blogging as much as any other serious blogger, but.. it’s stressful. Since you don’t look very convinced, here are my 5 reasons why it’s so.

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Blog Action Day: What Would Happen If a Nuclear War Breaks Out?

Blog Action Day

This post was written for Blog Action Day. A day when bloggers from all around the world unite to raise awareness for the environment. My topic for this post is not a conventional environmental issue, but a look at a more destructive trend that’ll destroy our environment as well as our existence.

Astronauts tell us that when they soar far higher than the last layer of earth’s atmosphere, they see the earth as a tiny dot, among countless other dots, that looks as though it would fade into the vastness of the cosmos anytime. Our religious, national, and tribal loyalties look so frivolous when the boundaries and belief systems that separate us lose significance. At the same time, the protection and comfort of our little home seems more important than anything else in the cold and dark cosmos.

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