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Is Your Blog Worth Two Pennies?


Do you make money blogging? I, for one, don’t.

It may seem like a a strange question, but do you really blog for money? Will you stop blogging if you don’t make money with your blog?

When I started this blog, I wanted to make money from it. But slowly, as time passed, my perspective changed. My blog became my identity, and people who read me (yes, you!) became my friends.

Now I don’t blog for money. I blog just to share my take on different issues in internet marketing, blogging, and web design world. And I really love doing it.

Note: I’m not averse to money. And I certainly wouldn’t reject it if a money making opportunity arises!

In my observation, most bloggers start blogging for money, but as time passes and they don’t make more than a few pennies, they either give up, or persist – just for the fun of it!

Those who persevere, gain new insights into their target market, and actually find out how to monetize their blog, directly or indirectly. Those are the ones who really make money blogging, and become an inspiration for a new generation of bloggers.

Well, see, I’m still here. And I don’t make money from blogging (though in my case, it’s intentional). I’m in the second phase of blogging.

Now the real question (and please answer) Do you make money blogging? What phase are you in? How long have you been blogging? Do you plan to keep on blogging no matter what?

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Your Replies To Community Discussion And an Important Note

Thanks everyone who participated in last week’s discussion.

1. Do you use to-do lists to stay organized, and do you think it helps you stay focused on blogging tasks and other day-to-day activities?
2. What software do you recommend for keeping to-do lists?

Wayne Liew, in my humble opinion, gave the most thorough answer.

To-do list don’t work for everyone. It is the skill on how to categorize your tasks that makes the to-do list to perform efficiently for you. For example, when to put off a task to “the day after tomorrow” and what will be the priority of certain task. Knowing the fact that you are not required to finish everything off is vital in keeping your to-do list short.

I can say that it can boost the productivity for some but it might also makes someone busy and feels like work can’t stop coming to them.

Softwares for a to-do list is only vital for computer works such as blogging ideas and to-dos such as a modification to your blog. I don’t think life is just about computer and blogging afterall. I do agree with Pelf on keeping a diary or a notepad to mark down to-do items. For online tasks reminders, I do recommend those free sticky pad softwares that you can stick around your desktop to remind you of important online to-dos.

Here are the rest of replies in the order they were posted, for those of you who prefer to read it all in your feed or email reader.

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Community Discussion: Do You Use To-Do Lists To Stay Organized?

What is community discussion?

Starting from today, we’ll hold a community discussion every week where all of you’ll have a chance to participate and share your wisdom regarding the discussion subject of the week.

The very next post will feature the best reply as well as all the comments left in the discussion thread! (reminds you of Yahoo! answers?)

The purpose of this discussion would be to increase community participation, find answers/solutions to difficult blogging questions/issues, and reward the regular readers of Blogging Bits by featuring their valuable comments in a separate post.

Here are today’s questions:

  1. Do you use to-do lists to stay organized, and do you think it helps you stay focused on blogging tasks and other day-to-day activities?
  2. What software do you recommend for keeping to-do lists?

Let the discussion commence!

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