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How To Get Others To Listen To You

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Whether in blogging or in real life, the desire to get others to listen to our opinions is what motivates us to write and speak. We talk because we expect others to listen to us, and we write because we expect others to read us.

For bloggers, the importance of engaging their readers in a discussion by getting their attention can not be overemphasized. Bloggers are official speakers. Unlike an average Joe who would talk out of necessity whether he gets heard or not, bloggers speak to influence opinions and spark discussions. This can only be done if you, as a blogger, know how to get others to listen to you.

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Good Use Of Humor In Writing

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.” – Mark Twain

LaughterHow boring is a boring piece of writing? It’s so boring that only a boring few will enjoy reading it.

More importantly what makes a piece of writing boring? It’s lack of humor and light-heartedness on the part of writer that makes his writing so utterly drab. A writer who does not succeed In making his readers smile even once during the reading, has failed his readers.

Don’t Be Too Solemn

I blog to make myself happy by sharing my knowledge with others and making some revenue off my efforts, and when I am happy I smile and laugh. Smiling is the expression of happiness.

A blogger who goes way too serious in his writing is turning off prospective subscribers by giving them dull prose to read. Whereas a blogger who is able to make his readers smile with his cheerful writing is more likely to win his readers’ loyality.

Not Witty? Don’t Worry

You don’t even have to be witty to make people smile. We smile all the time without anybody cracking jokes around us. Sometimes we laugh on little stimuli.

The real trick to put smile on your readers’ face is to be generally cheerful, be friendly with them and write when you are in a good mood. You are more likely to make others happy when you are happy yourself.

Bad Joke!

You have to be careful not to overdo your jokes. In fact I don’t even recommend that you try to be funny if you are not, or if you are funny and like to crack jokes it is likely that many people do not like your jokes, so you might not want to offend your readers by telling them a lousy joke. Just keep it light-hearted humor, neither too clumsy nor too vague.

It’s even worse to turn your blog into Comedy Central by posting full-fledged jokes as posts. Write as you normally would. If your blog is about parenting, give advice about parenting, but in the process of writing let your witty side look for places that are suitable for a bit of humor injection. When you feel like saying something witty at a particular point, don’t hold it back, your readers will love it. There is nothing more adorable than a person smiling at his computer screen!

What was the last time you were in a bad mood and wrote an elegy of a post?

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