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5 Ways To Make Me Your Subscriber

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Previously, I have written about what on a blog puts me off as a visitor and keeps me from subscribing to it. Today, I am going to disclose what makes me subscribe to a blog and how you can learn from my perspective as a reader to improve your own blog.

The quality shows. Whenever I see quality, I am inclined to make the most of it, whether it means buying a product, enrolling in a course, or subscribing to a blog. The problem is, for most, it is hard to describe what makes a blog so full of value that it becomes impossible to ignore it. So, here are five things that some of the excellent blogs do right and are the reason why I am subscribed to them.

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How To Build a Road Map For Your Blogging Success

Road map

Are you a successful blogger? Success, it seems, has different meaning for every person. For some, managing a low traffic blog is a success in itself. For others, it means a lot of traffic, subscribers, and comments. The majority, however, does not know how to determine whether they are successful or not, and what exactly it feels like to be a successful blogger.

Every blogger is full of inspiration and motivation when starting a blog, but this elated condition seems to wane as time passes. The interest simply peters out and the once fun task of blogging seems more like a chore. This all happens because the bored blogger is not familiar with the sense of success.

Usually, since blogging is supposed to be a lifelong adventure, the formidable challenge of blogging overshadows the initial enthusiasm. To get a sense of definite direction and ultimately a sense of success, you need to set down several goals to help you stay motivated along the way.

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How To Turn Your Personal Blog Into a Semi-Pro Blog

How To Turn Your Personal Blog Into a Semi-Pro Blog

You know why blogging became popular? Because it let the geniuses like you and I publish their rants thoughts about random stuff online. Blogs were supposed to be personal diaries.

Then, the cult of business-minded came along and turned blogs into online profit-turning machines, and set down a completely different definition of blogging. Of course, money feels and smells good, so everyone liked the renewed definition of blogging, leaving personal blogs behind.

The state of personal blogging is very bad nowadays. Personal bloggers have very few readers who hardly participate in discussions. Unless you have been blogging for five or so years, chances are you find blogging a very discouraging experience.

The fault, probably, lies within you. It’s time to reconsider your agendas and re-examine the way you blog.

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5 Surefire Ways To Build Tons Of Backlinks For Your Blog

So you want to build lots of backlinks for your blog huh?

That’s easy. You only need to look at what work for others and steal their techniques. Obviously, some methods only work for a select few, because of the way they do it, and because of the fact that you can’t do it. I am talking about the so-called A-list bloggers who have done all the hard work of building strong reputation for their blogs, and now even if they do so much as belch, it prompts many people to link to them for doing such valiant feat.

Of course it takes time, hard work, dedication, and a bit of social media luck to reach that level, but here we are talking about quick and dirty ways to build loads of links to your blog, aimed at getting you better search engine rankings, improved Technorati rank, and most importantly creating brand awareness for your blog.

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5 Sources That Brought Me Tons Of Visitors


It’s going to be almost two months since the launch of Blogging Bits. I have got steady stream of traffic from various sources during this period, but some of them really stand out.

So, for my readers, here is top 5 list of sources that sent me most traffic.

1. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is hands down the best source of traffic for new blogs. It stands tall high above all other sources.

StumbleUpon has sent me 6260 unique visitors so far. Although StumbleUpon visitors rarely turn into regular readers, it is still rewarding to have your content read by so many people.

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Choose Your Audience: The Uncaring Social Media Crowd Or Your Loyal Readers?

If you are new to bogging, you know the pains you take to get others to respond to the content you create with so much love. The lack of audience is sometimes discouraging and makes you wonder why in Holy Ghost’s name did you start a blog?

Although, the audience builds up in due course if you persist long enough, sometimes targeting your content at a particular group of your audience does pay off.

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What Does It Take To Become An Authority Blogger?

On The Top

So, which one of you wants to become an authority blogger?

Hmm.. I see quite a few hands raised in the air, but are you up for the challenge?

What is an authority blogger?

Before we talk about the ways to become an authority blogger, let’s first put down a quick and dirty definition of authority blogger. Quite simply, an authority blogger is someone who is sitting at the very top in his niche. Authority bloggers are an inspiration for newbies, they are considered an authority on their subject, they get a whole lot of attention, and they make very many of us jealous.

What is important to note is that it takes real expertise to become an authority blogger. People are all not fools, they know who to trust and whom not to.

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