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Shock! Horror! I suddenly stopped ranking for many keywords in Google SERPs.

I noticed yesterday that Google, that had been sending me 200+ visitors daily, started pretending as though I didn’t even exist. I can’t figure out why it happened. Maybe it’s just some algorithmic change and I’m just making a mountain out of a molehill, but it’s equally possible that Google thinks I’m selling text link ads.

I’ve been creating web sites for four years, and I know if a site all of a sudden drops from all its rankings, there’s definitely something wrong.

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How to Find Your Audience, Approach Them, and Make Them Your Fan

Audience, audience, audience. Everyone who has something to say wants audience. So few ears and so many voices. It looks almost impossible to find people who can give you what you desire most: their attention.

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Why It’s Important to Use Keywords in Linkbait Titles

A few days ago I reached the front page for the second time, and the results have exceeded my expectations.

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A Beginner’s Teeny Weeny Guide To Blogging

Recently, I’ve been getting emails from would-be bloggers who are fascinated by blogging, but don’t know where to start. Well, I don’t blame them. Even though there are many blogs that teach blogging, and they have guides to get the new bloggers started, they usually forget that a person who is not yet committed to blogging doesn’t fancy reading outrageously long guides.

Blogging isn’t as scary as some of the lengthy blogging guides make it appear to be. If you are new to blogging but can’t decide what to do, go through this teensy weensy blogging guide and take the plunge!

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The Value of SMO: How to Get Subscribers While You Sleep

Do you know I have picked up 50 new subscribers during previous two weeks?

That’s probably not very interesting. What’s interesting is that I haven’t posted anything in the past two weeks! (because of illness)

I bet now I’ve got your attention, eh?

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The Art Of Writing Your Most Popular Posts

If you are not already, you should be writing your best posts, rather than cranking out yet another average post.

Your most popular posts are your blog’s most valuable asset. These posts are what attract majority of your visitors to your blog. They are the widest, most welcoming doors of your online home.

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How To Use Forums To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Who said forums are only good for getting help and advice?

There is often so much activity on certain forums that a normal forum-less website can only dream of.

While you can help other members and ask for help on the discussion forums, you can also tap into the abundant traffic of forums and drive it back to your blog.

Following are a few ways to get other forum members to notice you and visit your site at least once.

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