Social Media is Your Answer to Information Overload

Getting your information from social media ensures that you never think about the dreaded information overload again.

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So there is this thing called information overload that threatens to engulf our brains and rob us of our ability to make sound judgments. And there is this internet that helps this giant get even bigger.

If you ask me, this is all bull. Information never comes in such huge quantities that it becomes impossible for us to assimilate it all.

But yes, there is a lot of noise that accompanies the real information and gives us an impression as though it were all endless streams of information.

If you are a regular web surfer, you must have gone through such experiences. You start browsing news sites, blogs, and social news sites and you come across a particularly newish piece of news. You read it on one site and then you move on to the next site. It’s there again. You read it again because it’s written differently.

You move on, but lo and behold, everyone has something to say about it.

Ultimately, you get the impression that there is just too much going on for you to take it all in. And you call it information overload.

But is it for real?

This happens all the time on the internet. Something worth talking about happens, and in an instant the internet masses are busy regurgitating, spreading, and battering it with their full strength.

So this is what it is. The noise overload. Information is still rare, but the noise abounds.

Social media filters out the noise

This is why the wise few have created news and information filters that only let the quality information pass through. It’s called the social media sites.

What I like about social news sites is that they are controlled by the masses themselves. We, the masses, are everywhere, and get to the new information as soon as it’s made available, and post it to social news web sites.

No matter what are your interests, there are social news sites for virtually any topic imaginable. There are even local news sites popping up everywhere, that report what’s new in your town or city.

What I do to get on the top of the information is that I visit the leading social media sites and survey the trends/news/information to see if there is something new worth knowing.

Digg is an excellent place to keep up with the latest happenings in the tech world.

Delicious: about everything that is so cool you’ll want to return to at a later point in time.

Popurls: the most in demand information on the net as gathered by some of the most popular social media sites.

Just some examples.

On more popular social media sites in particular, the community does a great job of voting up the news only from the best sources (mistakes are made, but it’s OK as long as they’re exception rather than the rule).

So if you have been feeling overwhelmed by the information overload, get over it already! Information overload is, in fact, a misnomer.

Embrace the social media to get to the real information whenever it happens, wherever it happens, and spend the rest of your time dong something useful with the information.

Do you agree that information overload doesn’t exist, and that the social media is the best way to reach the information that matters to you?

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