Setting Your Goals Makes You 200% More Productive

And this is why I’ve decided to take part in this group writing project by Daily Blog Tips.

But before I tell you about my blogging goals, let me explain why setting your goals is the most important task you’ll ever undertake.

Ambiguity, doubt, and uncertainty are anti-productivity. In fact, they eat up your confidence and make you incompetent.

Let me give you an example: Have you ever waited to hear a news so badly that you felt like losing control? That was the result of uncertainty.

Another example: Have you ever doubted about an outcome so much that you almost ended up exhausted and frustrated? That, of course, was the result of doubt.

And so on.

We humans don’t like to be uncertain. We want to learn about every possible detail of an event, and every bit of knowledge of what is to come in future.

Certainty, on the other hand, has opposite effect on our attitude. When we are certain about an outcome of an event, we feel euphoric and confident. When certain, I sometimes feel like walking on the air (light and free from earth’s gravitational pull).

There is a scientific reason behind such an elated condition. When we are certain, happy, and in control, our brain releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that make us extremely satisfied and happy.

An endorphins-induced state of confidence puts us in the highest productivity mode. I am sure you can think of moments when you felt absolutely confident and certain, ready to undertake any kind of task.

The point is that you can control the release of endorphins by setting yourself clear goals. Don’t you want to remain on a productivity “high” all your life?

Of course, you do!

Having clear, concrete, and measurable goals not only makes you ultra-productive because of the endorphins-induced euphoria of certainty, but it also makes you a more responsible person. You feel obliged to achieve the goals you have set.

And what better time to set your goals than at the end of the year? (or rather, at the start of the year)

Here is an outline of my blogging goals in 2008:

  1. Get at least 7000 subscribers
  2. Earn part time income from my blog(s)
  3. Start more blogs

These are my main goals. And if I break them down into smaller, less daunting goals, there will be too many to be of any interest to you.

Now do yourself a big favor, and set yourself clear, achievable goals now! Because, by tomorrow, your mind may become too hazy – thanks to your constant uncertainty – to make any clear resolutions.

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