How To Set Up a Sideblog The Smart Way

Did you notice the sideblog in the sidebar where I have been featuring my favorite links? Would you like to know how I did it?

Running a mini blog (also called asides) alongside the main blog is not really a new idea, people have been doing it since the dawn of blogging. But the credit for making me give serious thought to sideblogging goes to Michael at Pro Blog Design. check out his detailed post on the pros and cons of using a sideblog.

How do I feature links on my sideblog?

I do things in straightforward ways. While I could use a plugin or hack my WordPress code to set up a sideblog, these methods failed to impress me. I was looking for the simplest way to set up a mini blog as well as the easiest way to post links to it.

Guess what came to my rescue? Yep, RSS.

Here’s step by step how you can do it too (WordPress only).

1. Go to your page and create a special new tag named after your blog. (e.g. bloggingbits)
2. Copy the URL of your newly created tag.
3. Log into your FeedBurner account, and paste the URL in the feed burning form to burn your feed.
4. Go to Publicize > BuzzBoost, and activate the service. Set the options as you like.
5. Copy the code and paste it in your sidebar.php or a sidebar widget where you want your sideblog to appear.


How to post to your new sideblog with one click

6. Now download and install extension for Firefox.
7. If you want to save a page to your sideblog, click on the tag button on Firefox toolbar, write a short comment in description box, enter the special tag you created earlier along with other tags, and save.

Easy, eh?

Want the link to appear as soon as you saved it? Ping FeedBurner after you post a new link, and bookmark the pinged link for one click pinging later.

What are the benefits of FeedBurner and delicious powered sideblog

Easy to use, easiest to update, doesn’t require management, and doesn’t put load on your server.


Well, if you want to post news and updates to your sideblog, you can’t do it with this method. Your readers can’t comment on any of the links either. But I don’t see why anyone would need such features. You sure don’t want to make an important announcement in an obscure corner of your sidebar. And you certainly want your readers to comment on the original links rather than on your mini entry.

Your thoughts?

Are you for or against having a sideblog, and do you find the above technique better than other methods?

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