On Selling Your Passion

Whether you are a marketer, a pro-blogger, or a visionary trying to change the world one post at a time, you’re trying to sell something to the world. Whether you sell ideas or tangible or digital products, you’ve got a potential market that you want to convert.

And no matter how good you are at what you do, if you aren’t passionate about what you sell, your target market will know you aren’t being honest with them.

Who are scammers after all? The fellas who try to sell something to you without respecting your privacy, comfort, and your pocket. The only thing they are passionate about is YOUR money. And then there are hardcore scammers and small time scammers and people who claim and try to be honest with you but smell like scammers.

Fact is that anybody who is trying to sell something is bound to employ selling techniques that will annoy some people. There’s no way you can please everyone. For there are people out there who just don’t want to pay no matter what.

Most bloggers I’ve met or talked to are passionate about what they write. But they are also looking to make some bucks with the knowledge they so generously share and the time and effort they dedicate to blogging.

The problem with most bloggers trying to actually sell something to their readers is that they don’t have enough expertise in the area of selling. So they end up running out of passion as they continuously remain unable to make substantial income from their products.

They are either too mellow to convince their audience that their product is worth buying, or so aggressive that people become wary of them.

So if you are one of those bloggers, here are some basic tips for you to leverage your knowledge in a way that you can sell your products without confusing or scaring your potential customers off.

Know what your audience wants – Your audience has needs that you can satisfy. Creating a generic product isn’t going to be enough for them to make a buying decision. Find that burning need and create a hot product that caters to that particular need.

Don’t underestimate the appearance – If your product has an appearance (for example the UI of a software) don’t keep it too ugly to be worth having a second look. Remember that beautiful things has a way to attract our hearts (or call it irrational desires). When we see a beautiful gadget, we start finding an excuse to buy it and make it ours. And this is where even a slightly useful gadget can push us to go ahead with the purchase.

All of Apple’s products and especially iPhone is a living proof that looks matter. There are many phones better than iPhone but iPhone is simply better looking than most, and that’s what makes many people buy it.

Simplify your message – Don’t consider your audience to be fools, and don’t overhype your product. Write your sales message in simple, to the point and professional language (and by this, I don’t mean that you use tight, formal language. That isn’t professional, that’s just scary).

Be the best in the business – Create the best product you can. Give the best bang for the buck. Provide the best support. And treat your customers as the best people in the world. Do this and your customers will do the best kind of marketing for you free of charge!

Keep improving – You can not create a near perfect product at very first try. It’s bound to have glitches, flaws, and bugs. So don’t be lazy and keep improving your product. Make use of your customers’ feedback and add new features at every update. Don’t let the buzz die. Keep surprising your customers with your ingenuity.

Have you ever sold anything? Please share your experience and tips in comments.

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