On Blogging On Blogging

Over the past week, there has been some debate on the ubiquitousness and evilness of meta-blogging – the blogging on blogging – started by Jeff’s complaint about blogging about blogging over at Coding Horror.

While I acknowledge that Jeff made this observation in good faith, I don’t quite agree with him.

I find meta-blogging — blogging about blogging — incredibly boring. I said as much in a recent interview on a site that’s all about blogging (hence the title, Daily Blog Tips). I wasn’t trying to offend or shock; I was just being honest. Sites that contain nothing but tips on how to blog more effectively bore me to tears.

I don’t know what Jeff is trying to say here, but I think Jeff is not interested in reading anything about bogging as a subject, which is quite understandable because it is a matter of his personal choice.

But what else does Jeff expect to read on a blog about tips on how to blog effectively, if not the tips on how to blog effectively?

Let’s be honest Jeff, you haven’t really been looking for tips about gardening on blogs about blogging, have you?

If you accept the premise that most of your readers are not bloggers, then it’s highly likely they won’t be amused, entertained, or informed by a continual stream of blog entries on the art of blogging. Even if they’re filled with extra bloggy goodness.

I again fail to see what Jeff is getting at. A blogger who gives tips on blogging is doing so because he accepts the premise that all of his readers are bloggers. I am, for one, not here to amuse, entertain and inform whoever stops by my place. I know who my audience is, and I write specifically for them.

Anyone who wants to be amused or entertained can go kill time on YouTube or Twitter.

Meta-blogging is like masturbating. Everyone does it, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But writers who regularly get out a little to explore other topics will be healthier, happier, and ultimately more interesting to be around– regardless of audience.

There is a reason why everyone masturbates, and only a few commit suicide.

Only the writers who find this topic healthy, happy and interesting would write about it. I have no interest in gardening, so I am not likely to be the one to start blogging about gardening. I am fascinated by the blogging itself, so I write about it. Is there anything wrong about it Jeff?

I admit that many who enter this niche idolize Darren, and try to follow in his footsteps to achieve the same kind of success. But I don’t see how it is wrong. When one hundred people from Darren fan-club step in the world of meta-blogging, 99% of them would fail and give up, and only 1% of them will make any progress. So let’s just leave me alone!

And Jeff, since all the cool kids blog about blogging, why not jump on our bandwagon and have some fun?

Come to the dark side – we have cookies!

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