New Posting Pattern Initiated!

Till now, I have been writing random articles and posts to fill up my blog with some worth-reading content. Alongside that, I have been struggling to maintain a regular posting schedule due to poor time management (which is now identified and solved).

Now that I’ve given the issue some thought, I am more inclined to follow a defined pattern than post in a random and sporadic way.

Here is how I intend to spread out my posting schedule over the week so far:

  • Sunday: Link love day – I’ll link to other bloggers (and frequent commenters) who deserve more attention for what they write.
  • Monday: Productivity day – I’ll give my thoughts on how to be more organized and productive to become an efficient blogger.
  • Tuesday: Random Post day – I’ll write a post on any of the topics I cover.
  • Wednesday: Resource list day – I’ll compile a list of useful resources and tools (link bait baby!).
  • Thursday: WordPress day – A day dedicated to anything and everything about my favorite blogging software WordPress.
  • Friday: Reader’s day – I’ll write on a topic suggested by you, or answer your questions if any. Otherwise I’ll take a break.
  • Saturday: Guest blogger’s day – I’ll let others guest post on my blog while I guest post on others’ blogs! Let me know if you want to guest post here, or want me to guest post on your blog.

Damn – there is only so much that can be done in a week.

Any more suggestions?

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