Link Love Episode 4

Pelf is an active environmentalist and her enthusiasm seems to have tripled as Blog Action Day nears. She has got a great compilation of articles on environment written by her and others. Be sure to check them out if you are clueless about what to write on October 15th. I too had no idea what I’ll write for Blog Action Day, but her articles gave me good inspiration.

Steven of Vandelay Website Design is making good use of the attention he has received after getting onto Digg font page a month ago. His article about 13 Ways to Create Unique, Original Blog Content is the latest addition to his thriving blog.

Chris Garret shares tips about writing on a topic you are passionate about but aren’t fully versed in.

Michael from Pro Blog design gives excellent advice on getting the best from your designer. I couldn’t agree more with him, because, naturally, when you agree to pay hundreds of dollars for a custom blog theme, you want your money’s worth.

Read my guest post on Performancing if you want to know how to build lasting relationships in the blogosphere.

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