Link Love: Win $5000 Worth of Prizes, Get a Keyword Research Guide, Know How to Price Your Services

Shana discovers how everything is suddenly becoming 2.0 and how web 2.0 has changed education, outlining differences between education and education 2.0. Must read.

Jacob Cass is giving away $5000+ worth of prizes in a graphic design group writing project. Be sure to participate in it.

Brian Clark and Jon Morrow release a keyword research guide for bloggers. It’s not just another guide from SEO perspective. Brian goes into detail as to why keyword research holds tremendous value for bloggers and helps them choose profitable blog subjects, identify content topics that are in high demand, and spot monetization methods that work.

Looking for a new web host? Matt has a guide that will help you find your dream host (not Dreamhost).

Steven Snell launches a new blog about internet marketing and social media that is already chock full of great content. Subscribe to it right away!

Naomi Dunford shares her strategy for pricing her freelance services and the reasoning behind it. Really well done as always.

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