How to Write When You Can’t

There are times when even a prolific writer finds it impossible to put down a single coherent sentence.

And I’ve been in such a miserable condition a few days ago.

When I tried to write after long sickness and a period of two weeks when I didn’t write anything at all, I was stuck for words and ideas. I even thought I may not be able to write at all for the rest of my life (Yes, that’s what happens when pessimism overcomes you).

If you ever go through such a situation, don’t lose hope. You’ll be back to writing and kicking arse after doing a bit of exercise!

Your writing muscles act like your other muscles. They get stiff if you don’t use them for a too long. So you need to do some exercise to warm them up.

But this exercise is not physical, it’s creative.

Creative exercises to loosen up your writing muscles

Make up your mind – Tell yourself that you want to write, and tell the nay-sayer inside your head to shut up.

Read a book – Read a book that is written in plain language and that is about an ordinary topic. Read with the intent of getting motivated and read till you start getting excited.

Read your own posts and other related blogs – To get in the mood of writing about your blog’s topics, read your own posts and some other posts on related blogs.

Leave comments on blogs – Go to blogs in your niche and write some comments. This will help you get your thoughts focused.

Create mind maps – Create mind maps of the ideas that may have occurred to you so far.


Now you are ready to write again. Don’t worry if you leave a post in the middle, start a new one. This is all an exercise.

And remember, don’t edit yourself.

I’ve taken the same steps, and now I am back into the writing mood. Oh, and if you have been wondering, I laughed away my suggestion of never being able to write again.

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