How To Kill Procrastination For Good – No Kidding!

Procrastination, my friends, is the enemy of our success.

We tend to put off what we consider to be important, and we put it off because we think of it as a daunting task. The root of procrastination, hence, I believe lies in the fear of not being able to complete the important task.

Let’s suppose the most daunting task for you everyday is to produce a blog post. Chances are, you put off writing the post to the last possible moment. And sometimes you don’t even write it.

The worse thing about procrastination is that when you put off a task to a later time, you can’t do anything else in the mean time either!

Why does it happen?

Quite simply, your mind remains occupied by the thoughts of the delayed task, and you give yourself continuous mental torture until you complete the task.

I’ve written about overcoming laziness before, and the best way I could find to do it was “Just do it”.

This, indeed, kills procrastination. But the question still remains: How do you do it? Because when you are procrastinating, you simply can’t “do it”. This is the problem!

I hear you my friends. And here is a good news: you can pull off this feat with only a bit of discipline!

Do the task you’re likely to put off first every morning

Why do we procrastinate? Because we allow ourselves to immerse in other worthless activities and slowly withdraw into a passive mode, where we can not do physical or mental hard work.

The trick to overcome such a condition is to not let this condition overcome you.

Our habits are even more deeply engraved in our minds than the temporary condition of laziness, so it’s just a matter of forming such a habit that can redeem us from the curse of procrastination.

Try this recipe: Do your most important task first every morning, and discipline yourself to do so every morning for at least couple of months.

Ingredients: Discipline, Determination, and a deep desire to succeed.

Since you are a blogger, and I am supposed to be talking to you, here is what you should do: Write a post everyday right after turning on the computer, even before checking your email and stats. If you need some inspiration, OK go check your feed reader. But remember, you are checking your feeds for inspiration, so don’t click away. You’ll be lost in the blogosphere before you realize.

Do it for a couple of months, and I assure you, you’ll develop a habit of writing a post the first thing after turning on your computer. You won’t even remember you used to procrastinate!

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