Stop! Read This Before Giving Up On Blogging

Has blogging let you down? Are you tired of being a B-List blogger?

It’s possible to improve the state of your blogging. In fact, it’s easy to take your blogging to the next level.

If you are like many bloggers (who sell their blog after discovering the “truth” about blogging) you’ll go through rough times. The thoughts of giving up will overwhelm you. It happens to you because, in your thinking, you are not improving enough to justify spending time on your blog.

I assure you, almost every new blogger is attacked by pessimism, if it’s of any consolation to you. But those of us who reject to bow to negative thoughts, succeed. The rest sell their blogs and run away.

If you don’t let negative thoughts get in your way, they will lose hope and stop pestering you.

But how?

Write everyday

Consistency is the key. Write often so your writing muscles don’t stiffen up. Just as your legs get stiff when you get up after sitting for too long, your writing muscles also refuse to flex if you don’t warm them up often.

You don’t have to post everyday to write everyday. Write only the bits you think up during the day. Or write small parts of a large post you are working on. Heck, write whatever comes to your mind. Just write, write, and write. This will keep you from getting lazy and ultimately blaming your failure on some odd circumstance.

Stick to a schedule

Guess what highly effective blogger do to succeed? They develop a schedule and follow it diligently.

Not following a schedule can land you in unorganized and uncreative way of life. If you keep on browsing the web, stumbling on StumbleUpon, and adding friends on Facebook while your blog gets stale, you seriously need to discipline yourself.

In fact, it’s not that important to comment on other blogs and network with other bloggers if you don’t write content on your own blog first. Your blog is your first priority. Everything else comes second.

Look at what you have achieved, not what you haven’t

If you feel like giving up because your blog hasn’t lived up to your expectations, it’s time to re-adjust your perspective.

If you look from the moment you started your blog onward, you’ll remember many glorious moments. Do you remember the day when you got an unexpected surge in your traffic? Do you remember how it felt when your got your first tackback?

Those were all important milestones in your blogging journey. You can only move forward one step at a time. If you try to gallop too often, you’ll fall face down, only to find you don’t have the courage to stand up again.

Think positive. Is the glass half empty or half full?

Read the bloggers who have succeeded

Everyone needs some motivation once in a while. A confirmation that what we are doing is indeed right. Weird but true.

If you feel you are lacking motivation, read the successful bloggers inside and outside your niche. See how they are still as passionate about blogging as they were at start.

You think they are big and you are not? Newsflash: They started out as small bloggers the same as you, only they didn’t give up midway. And if you want to follow in their footsteps, you’d better keep on trudging ahead as well.

Get away from computer

Online life may be jolly good, but sometimes it can be pretty lonely and depressing away from the rest of people around you.

So what you need is a break. Get away from the damn computer. It’s filling your head with negative thoughts.

Go out with your friends, see how beautiful and welcoming life is. Trust me, you’ll come back with a renewed spirit. I can attest to that myself.

Simply put, if you ever feel like giving up, don’t make quick and rash decisions. Such thoughts are an indication that you are probably not doing something right. So instead of giving up, pinpoint the problem and figure out ways to eliminate it.

Your thoughts?

Have you gone through any “I’m gonna quit” moments?

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