How Comments Make Us Great Writers

On reading the art of guest blogging by Lorelle where she underlines the importance of guest blogging because it helps us improve our writing, I realised the same was true of commenting. Writing on our own blog might make us a little lazy and less careful about the quality of what we write, when it comes to commenting on other blogs, we know being lazy amounts to putting our image at stake.

There are a number of reasons why we tend to be (or need to be) better commenters than posters.

  1. We are representing our blog on another blog, so we want our contribution to be top notch.
  2. We know our comment is going to be compared to other comments with regard to quality, so we become even more cautious.
  3. We want to stand out from others in a hope that people will click on our name to find out more about us.
  4. This is the first impression we are giving to many.
  5. We are participating in a discussion and we feel the need to add something useful to it.
  6. We want to attract the blogger’s attention so that he visits our page and eventually links to us.
  7. We simply love to socialize!

Since we are away from the sweet comfort of our home, we pay more attention to little details. We detect and eliminate the errors that run around unchecked in our blog posts. The more we comment, the more we realize we can do better, and inevitably improve our writing.

As an added bonus, commenting provides a great learning experience. We are forced to read a post carefully and understand it before expressing our thoughts about it. By commenting we also come to know what kind of stuff we like to read and therefore this is what we should be writing about more often.

So, I strongly encourage everyone to comment as much as possible on many blogs in your niche. Apart from improving your writing, you’ll harvest the benefits of socialising.

How many comments do you make every day? And why do you comment? Have you learnt new things from commenting?

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