Hey You! Wanna Post on Blogging Bits?

As you might have noticed, this place has become a little dead in past couple of months. I haven’t been able to post regularly on Blogging Bits due to my involvement in several other web projects plus some unproductive circumstances in my life. And as much as I want to get back to blogging, it might not be possible for me to do so for another month or two.

So for now, in order to keep things fresh, I’m opening the doors of Blogging Bits to guest bloggers.

If you want to reach 700+ subscribers, send me your post or post idea to the.syed {at} gmail.com. If your post is published, you’ll be given proper credit at the start of the post with a permanent link to your blog. Or we can discuss the detail in email.

Thank you for your interest, and thank you for being a reader of Blogging Bits!

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