Google Launches Long Awaited AdSense For Feeds

This morning when I logged into my AdSense account, I instantly noticed a new product category just below the referrals earning report, called AdSense For Feeds.

With AdSense for feeds you can run AdSense in your feeds just like you do on your blog/website, with almost as much control over the appearance and position of ads as you are used to having in AdSense for content.

But to use AdSense for feeds, you need to migrate you Feedburner account to your Google account, which is currently a manual process. That is, you have to email Google at and provide following info with the request to migrate your account:

  • Your FeedBurner account username
  • The Google Account email address you use to sign in to AdSense

Head over to Google help center for more info.

I can see those huge blogs with many thousands of subscribers making even more money with AdSense for feeds.

And hey, I’ve never placed AdSense on Blogging Bits, but I’m considering giving AdSense for feeds a try as it seems less annoying compared to on-site ads. What do you think?

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