Use AdSense ‘Allowed Sites’ Feature To Keep Spammy Publishers At Bay

After adding “Allowed Sites” feature a few days ago and rolling it back, Google AdSense has put the “Allowed sites” feature back under AdSense Setup tab. With Allowed Sites feature, you can specify which sites should be allowed to display AdSense ads with your publisher ID.

If you have been to webmaster forums, you have probably seen those threads where an AdSense publisher is calling for help because he got his AdSense account banned for no apparent reason. Google’s wrath sure brings tears to even the toughest of webmasters.

Excessive clicking and displaying of ads on suspicious sites is generally what gets many publishers banned. So, Google has decided to take a step towards putting a stop to malicious webmasters getting legitimate publishers in trouble.

To allow only your sites to display AdSense ads, log in to your AdSense account, click on AdSense setup tab, select the ‘Only allow certain sites to display ads for my account‘ option, and enter the allowed domain URLs without WWW. Remember, if you forget to include certain URL that you want to allow, it will still display the ads, but impressions and clicks won’t make you a dime. So, be careful.

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