Good Bye Spam! Welcome Quality Comments!

Shock! Horror! I suddenly stopped ranking for many keywords in Google SERPs.

I noticed yesterday that Google, that had been sending me 200+ visitors daily, started pretending as though I didn’t even exist. I can’t figure out why it happened. Maybe it’s just some algorithmic change and I’m just making a mountain out of a molehill, but it’s equally possible that Google thinks I’m selling text link ads.

I’ve been creating web sites for four years, and I know if a site all of a sudden drops from all its rankings, there’s definitely something wrong.

So maybe Google thinks I’m selling links below the deceptively titled heading “Top Commenters”?

It’s not very unlikely as recently some folks have been trying to misuse my Top Commenters list by putting keywords where they should be writing their bloody names.

Right! That’s what you give a good guy in return for him giving his precious readers some link love. I’ve now decided to remove the Top Commenters list so all you spammers can go find yourself.. err.. another good guy?

But losing Google rankings is not the only reason I’ve removed Top Commenters widget.

One quality comment > a lot of useless spammy comments

I’m beyond that phase now when I wanted anyone to comment even if they mildly spammed. It happens. When you start a new blog, you desperately want people to drop by your blog, and want even more desperately to have someone leave you a comment.

However, as a blog evolves, the blogger gains more experience, and realizes the value of having a quality readership, he/she stops caring about numbers alone. Increasing subscriber count and comment count by any means possible aren’t important to them anymore.

Well, I think I no longer welcome useless junk in comments anymore, left only to get some link juice from my blog. I still welcome each and every comment, but if you want to advertise your keywords, please.. here’s the door.

Ah… I feel much better now!

For now, I’m showing my Twitter updates in place of top commenters list. Be sure to follow me on Twitter so we can chat in the best open messenger in the world!

I still feel I should reward all of you who take the time to write comments on Blogging Bits. So if you have a suggestion as to how should I do that, please chime in.

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