Get a Free Backlink From Blogging Bits!

Get a Free Backlink From Blogging Bits!

OK guys, here’s the idea: You will link to one of your favorite posts on your blog in the comments, and I’ll include your link in the next post where I’ll compile a list of all the links submitted by everyone. The deadline is day after tomorrow (can be extended).

Sounds useful? Great! Feel free to tell your contacts about it, or advertise it on your blog. I don’t mind a few backlinks in return for giving away as many as you guys submit. But, of course, this is not a condition.

So start posting your links now!

Note: I may decide to exclude a link if I think it’s from a spam blog or is very very low quality. Don’t waste your time spammers.

The offer is now closed. Please don’t submit any more links. Here is the list of 28 free backlinks for your reading pleasure.

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