Why and How to Get a Blog Logo Dirt Cheap

Do you need a logo for your blog? The answer is yes. It’s little things that make big differences between you and other bloggers.

Just as a unique blog design differentiates a blog from those that are using common templates, a unique blog logo sets you apart from thousands of other bloggers who are using no logo or ordinary images as their logo.

There is a common myth that logos are expensive, and the logo designers charge hefty amounts of money for designing something as simple as , well, a logo.

Not quite true. It used to be the case that graphic designers were hard to find and they charged crazy fees for designing a logo, but nowadays, with the world shrunk to a global village thanks to the internet, the opposite is the case.

There are countless freelance designers who charge minimal fees for doing even unlimited revisions to tweak a design to your liking.

In big graphic design firms, things still function the old way. You have to empty your pockets on their hands to get your logo done. But that doesn’t concern you anymore. The big design firms are for big companies with huge budgets allocated for their brand identity.

For a single blogger running his own blog, a single freelancer running his own graphic design business from his laptop is the best choice.

The question, however, is that how to find a decent logo designer that doesn’t charge too much but has fairly good design skills?

A few years back, I’d have said: research. But now there are places that freelance designers frequent to find work. So it’s all too easy now to reach the designer you like.

On sites like Sitepoint, you get more than your money’s worth. Let me ask you this: how does a two dozen or more logos to choose from for as low as $100 sound? And what if all these logos are designed by different designers who are willing to make unlimited revisions to your favorite logo concepts?

I know it sounds terrific. And that’s why I recommend you to go straight to Sitepoint marketplace (now moved to 99designs.com) and launch a contest for your blog’s logo.

Some pointers to keep in mind before starting a contest:

  • Go through other contests to get a feel of how to manage a contest.
  • Increase the prize amount to get better submissions. $200 to $300 would be enough if you are short on budget.
  • Be as descriptive about the goals of your blog, the kind of logo concept you have in your mind, and other details as possible.
  • Provide timely feedback on all submissions, and if you don’t like a particular submission, say so outright.
  • Be communicative with the designers and they’ll do even better.

Here are some more places other than Google to look for freelance designers:

Get a Freelancer

Or if you want me to design you a unique logo for your blog, feel free to drop me an email.

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