How to Find Your Audience, Approach Them, and Make Them Your Fan

Audience, audience, audience. Everyone who has something to say wants audience. So few ears and so many voices. It looks almost impossible to find people who can give you what you desire most: their attention.

Due to the fact that you are only a few clicks away from publishing your thoughts, opinions, knowledge, and rants, you are in a very saturated market as a web publisher.

Every person who has a computer with internet access is potentially your competitor. With the advent of blogs, twitter, and tumblelogs, suddenly everyone is out there to get their share of audience.

So it has become increasingly difficult to find people who are willing to listen to you instead of that other guy. However, if you do something that other guy is not doing, you’ll have a definite edge over him.

And that is: you personally find and approach your audience.

While the other guy waits for his audience to come to him, you go to your audience and introduce yourself, increasing your chance of being noticed.

Here’s step-by-step how you can find, approach, and impress your audience.

Step 1: Finding your audience

Where’s your audience?

In the comments of other blogs in your niche – People who read your fellow blogger will read you too.

In the blogrolls of other blogs in your niche
– Many blogs link to their favorite blogs in their blogrolls. I’ve always found interesting blogs and great bloggers through blogrolls.

On StumbleUpon – Most bloggers and other people who want to discover and read new content hang out on StumbleUpon.

On niche social media sites – Members of niche social media sites are particularly interested in keeping abreast of trends and updates in a particular niche.

On niche forumsPeople who hang out on forums are always looking for interaction, so they make a great communicative audience.

Step 2: Approaching your audience

How do you approach your audience?

Send them an email and introduce yourself – Sending someone a personalized email shows them that you have noticed them and you care about them enough to personally contact them.

Visit their blog and leave interesting comments – You become their reader and they’ll become yours.

On StumbleUpon – Open up the reviews page of a blog post and visit the profiles of all stumblers who has voted for and reviewed the post. Befriend them, leave them a review, and introduce yourself by sending them a PM.

On forums – Respond to their posts, answer their questions, and solve their troubles. Make them notice your presence.

Step 3: Impressing your audience

How to make them your fan?

Link to their blog – Linking to a blogger always makes him feel warm and grateful towards you.

Stumble their content often, or submit it to related social media sites – Do them favors that bring them real benefits.

Share interesting content with them through StumbleUpon ‘Send to’ feature – Share with them something they’ll be interested in. Remember not to send your own content because this way you’ll only put them off. No one likes to be directly marketed to.

In short, find your audience, introduce yourself to them, and don’t let them forget you. Keep doing them favors, and keep reminding them of your blog.

See, there is no dearth of eyes and ears. And most importantly people are willing to listen to you if you give them enough importance. Treat them like human beings, like your friends, and you’ll see how positively they respond.

Your thoughts?

Do you proactively seek your audience or merely sit around waiting for people to drop by your blog?

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