Community Discussion: Do You Use To-Do Lists To Stay Organized?

What is community discussion?

Starting from today, we’ll hold a community discussion every week where all of you’ll have a chance to participate and share your wisdom regarding the discussion subject of the week.

The very next post will feature the best reply as well as all the comments left in the discussion thread! (reminds you of Yahoo! answers?)

The purpose of this discussion would be to increase community participation, find answers/solutions to difficult blogging questions/issues, and reward the regular readers of Blogging Bits by featuring their valuable comments in a separate post.

Here are today’s questions:

  1. Do you use to-do lists to stay organized, and do you think it helps you stay focused on blogging tasks and other day-to-day activities?
  2. What software do you recommend for keeping to-do lists?

Let the discussion commence!

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