Blogging Bits New Design

Welcome to new and improved Blogging Bits.

As I promised earlier in my blog redesign advice, I have completed the first phase of what may be a complete overhaul of Blogging Bits.

Here are some of the prominent features apart from countless other small changes and tweaks.

Clean home page

I have completely removed all the content from the home page that would have caused duplicate content problems. Any pages with duplicate content can end up in Google’s supplemental index, and Google ignores such pages even if they are relevant to certain searches.

This, coupled with nofollow meta tag on category, and archive pages will, hopefully, keep me out of Google’s supplemental index.

Another benefit of such minimalistic design is that it loads real fast, which makes it search engine as well as slow connection friendly.

Pretty icons

Icons talk, they really do. Things had started to look a tad boring with all the text crammed into every corner of the layout, so I decided to add those little images at key places, and boy, do they look pretty!

Non-white background

I am not a big fan of black text on white background for onscreen reading, so I have replaced the white background with a soothing silvery color. It’s easy on the eyes and relaxing. Try it.

Please let me know of your feedback and tell me if something in the new design doesn’t look quite right to you.

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