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These little boxes look rad, don’t they?

Well, finally, after keeping Blogging Bits advert-free for four months, I’ve decided to place an advert or two in a bid to monetize my blog – albeit in a very unobtrusive way.

I am not a fan of obtrusive advertising – which is a hallmark of some advertising programs such as AdSense and Kontera – on a blog that is focused on the community aspect of blogging. My first priority, as a result, is to ensure the best possible user/visitor/reader experience.

The best thing about 125×125 banner ads is that they don’t look like ads – at least to me. I think of them as legitimate ads.

So where did I get these ads from?

They are simple affiliate links. Even you can sign up for one of these services and get your own affiliate link/banner.

With affiliate ads, you have complete control over who you want to promote unlike contextual ads where any AdSense arbitrage can misuse advertising space on your blog.

Even though AdSense can give you instant results because it’s a cost-per-click program (you are paid for every click on the AdSense ads), you risk cluttering your blog, and turning off your readers. AdSense ads also don’t perform well if not disguised to look as legitimate content, which, again, is a no-no for community oriented blogs.

There are a number of affiliate networks you can join to get affiliate links.

Apart from above sites, you can also sign up as an affiliate with services such as PayPerPost and BidVertiser.

Direct advertisements are another big money maker

While affiliate programs pay you well if your visitors generate valid sales and leads, you are not paid if the visitors do not make a purchase on the advertiser’s site.

Direct advertisements fill this gap too. You set your own rate and invite advertisers to advertise on your site. Once a deal between you and an advertiser is brokered, you’ll be paid whether the clicks from your blog turn into actionable results or not (though if you generate a lot of clicks, leads, and sales, the advertiser will be happy to renew the contract).

So if you are a potential advertiser looking to advertise on Blogging Bits, contact me!

I’ll keep you updated as I take more steps to monetize Blogging Bits in future, and shall let you know how much I make from these strategies.

Have you monetized your blog yet? How much do you earn from your blog?

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