Backlinks Giveaway: 28 Free Backlinks

After running my free backlink offer for two days, I have ended up collecting a total of 28 links. It was a great response (despite the fact that the site went down for 10 hours instantly after the offer) and I learned a thing or two from it that I’ll utilize in my future offerings.

Thanks to those who submitted their links, and a special thanks to following people for spreading the word:

Those who benefited from this offer, and those who missed, keep your fingers crossed, because a similar offer is coming very soon, which will be even better and everyone will be able to benefit from it. Subscribe to my RSS to be notified when I give away more free backlinks.

Here are final 28 links in the order they were submitted. I’ve enjoyed reading many of these and I am sure you do too.

  1. 5 Of The Biggest Blog Promotion Mistakes I’ve Made
  2. Upgrading your theme for WordPress 2.3
  3. A Guide to Promoting Your Blog Through Guest Posts
  4. To WWW or not and how to redirect your blog
  5. Smartest (And Quickest) Way To Start Earning With Adsense
  6. Dangers of using Outdated Software and Misconfigurations
  7. 6 Arts Of Commenting On Articles
  8. Learn From The Masters
  9. How to start blogging in 5.401 words
  10. What are your favourite blogging tools?
  11. The Evolution of Mac OS X
  12. Personalise messages and Stand Out
  13. Domain name speculation
  14. 10 Forums to Make You a Better Blogger
  15. Thirteen Reasons Why WordPress is Superior To Blogger
  16. 5 Simple Tricks to Help You Win Any Argument
  17. How to Get Back Into Your Blogging Groove
  18. Spotlight on: YOUR SITE for the American Cancer Society
  19. Dallas – Adam’s Mark Hotel
  20. WordPress Translate Widget 2.0
  21. 12 Reasons Why Bloggers Need to Become Better Writers
  22. iPhone To Do List Applications – Some Good Choices
  23. Blog, Blogging, Blogger, and Google AdSense
  24. Clean-Up Your Post Pages, and Ditch the DiggIt Widget!
  25. 12 Ways To Guarantee Increased Blog Traffic
  26. Combining contacts on Pidgin
  27. Celebrity Blogs – Before They Were Famous
  28. Top 5 Blogging Success Stories: Exclusive Quotes From John Chow, Yaro Starak And More
  29. Sorry, I missed one. It’s actually 29 links.

  30. Thirteen Tips to Help You Resume Your Health & Fitness Program if You Get Off Track

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