5 Tips For Blogging When You Just Don’t Have The Time

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This is a guest post by Jamin Gray. Jamin Gray writes at WondR.net and covers topics such as lifehacks and productivity.

So you’ve got this brilliant blog, and you have high hopes for it to continue to grow, grab new readers, and produce fantastic content. But the boss at your day job is making you work overtime to meet a deadline. And the kids need to be taken to piano practice. And it’s time to pay the bills, do the dishes, and meet up with that college friend you’ve been neglecting. It’s been a few days since you posted something and you’re feeling a sense of urgency. But you just don’t have the time.

Fast forward 6 hours. You met your work deadline, the kids are in bed and the dishes and bills are done. You called your college friend and agreed to meet over the weekend. It’s 1am and you have a few minutes to write a post before you should get to bed. But your brain won’t cooperate and switch into creative blogging mode. You have no idea what to write about and are just staring at your computer screen. Finally, you write a hurried post on the blog linking to another article with a brief description.

Well that was thoroughly unsatisfying. If this sounds familiar to you, chances are you’re going about blogging all wrong. How can you keep that juicy content flowing when your life is full of other responsibilities and time drains? Here are five tips that I think will help you tremendously.

Keep a notebook. I use Google Notebook but you could also use a PDA, your mobile phone, or paper and pen. The purpose of this is to jot down ideas that come to you when you’re not actively focused on writing a blog post so that when you do have a few minutes to devote to the blog you’ve got an existing pool of ideas and aren’t starting from scratch. I organize my notebook into four sections:

  1. To Do – This is where I keep track of general tasks I need to do such as “clean up sidebar” or “install XYZ WordPress Plugin.”
  2. Articles – Just a list of titles for articles I want to write. Maybe I’ll see someone at work taking photos at the company pot luck and that will inspire me to jot down, “Top 10 Free Photography Resources.”
  3. Ongoing – This is my list of reminders for things I should be doing regularly to gain readers and build interest in my blog. Examples include “Comment on other blogs in my niche,” “Email a new reader thanking him/her for posting a comment.”
  4. Scratchpad – Anything else goes here. I have paragraphs that may some day turn into a full article, links, quotations, and marketing ideas.

Write advance posts. Let’s face it, some days you’re going to have more time than others. If you’ve got a significant block of time available and are full of ideas, don’t limit yourself to one article. Write several and save them as drafts for those days when you barely have time to eat.

Post less often. Yes, it’s true. You really don’t have to post every day. Some readers will even unsubscribe from your feed if the number of posts overwhelm them. Remember, yours isn’t the only blog they read. And their time is just as important as yours. Don’t kill yourself with your blogging schedule and your readers will thank you for it.

Use the contributions of others. There is no shortage of talented bloggers willing to write a guest post in an effort to gain exposure and build relationships. You could even extend this concept to non-bloggers by inviting photographers, writers, and other professionals to showcase their content on your blog.

Give a little love to the blogs you read. There’s nothing wrong with posting the occasional entry that’s primarily links to other blogs. It doesn’t take long and who knows? The author may return the favor some day.

These are just a few of the techniques you can use to keep your blog going even with a busy schedule. How do you blog when you’re short on time?

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